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  • You may have not noticed it yet, I mean the power of this new HungryForHits blogging feature, but it really is giving all of us an equal share or exposures to the busy bloggers of HungryForHits out there... Yes, and the only thing you need to have is update your blog profile by adding your favorite gravatar, write something or any thing you wanted on your "interests" just below your photo, write a short blog about any topic you wanted to share.... then add as much HFH friends.... Now you will see on the right column of your Blog profile or any of your blog posts permalink those of your active HFH friends...

    Each time you make a post or updates then your friends will be notified thru the RSS Feed and it will then create a chain reactions because they might check you out or they will also post new blog and your Gravatar linked to your HFH will randomly be displayed right there on the 3rd column of those friends, giving you some free Ride.

    The more active member you are the frequent your gravatar be exposed to your friends' Blog Profile. ..... so Ride On with some active HFH bloggers, and have fun. ....! :)

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    Oct 14th 2018 at 4:15 AM by Klara Schmidtz
    Yes! AND, all 10000+ members can search for names or interests in the search field in the top right corner and find every other member!
    Oct 14th 2018 at 11:10 AM by Noli Panginen
    Oh oh ... I miss that one hahaha. Yes, you also can do that on the search box right above. :) thanks Klara
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