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  • Mar 9th 2023 at 12:55 AM
    Do you know what is a downline builder?

    For most TEs, Downline builder is available for members..

    After you log in to your hungryforhits website, find the downline builder page within the menu bar, you can see that there are lots of traffic exchange signup banners, and also there the owners ask you to enter your own refferal link ID.. For your link:

    1514 is your refferal ID number... When you put in your ID and update it,, Then any of your downlines who sign up since they log in their account and sign up theirs, they will immediately be your downline without any trouble effect in your side.. Then you are not giving out just one link.... but any of the links you signed up and put in the downline builder, So do not save effect and fill up all your downline builders since now,, OK? Especially my refferals, come on OK?

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Do you know what is a downline builder?
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