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  • Oct 26th 2019 at 5:59 AM
    Traffic Humanoid Now Accepts ORU!

    Hi Guys, so I have a funny story to tell...

    Ok not really but I will tell you about it anyway. So a few months ago I (finally) realized I have a BLOG over here at Hungry. And have since been wondering what exactly to write in said blog.

    Well... I have news about a change over on Traffic Humanoid and figured... why not? Lets post it HERE!


    The Traffic Humanoid Traffic Exchange now accepts ORU as a payment method!

    You can find full payment instructions at the url below:


    Or you can click the blue ORU button directly from the site while checking out and you will be taken to that same page.

    Best Of All: ORU is only $5.95 a month! And they have REMOVED the $25-whatever-it-was activation fee.

    Before you balk at having to pay $5.95 a month for your membership keep the following in mind...

    TRUTH: How much have you paid PAYPAL per transaction over the years? Think about it? I guarantee its WELL OVER a measly $5.95 a month. Other than this monthly cost ORU charges NO FEES EVER for incoming or outgoing payments! Keep 100% Of your money!

    I had planned on joining ORU for quite awhile now. What changed? Well I was surfing here at Hungry the other day as I had not been over here in awhile (trying to mentally prepare myself for the task of maybe fixing our default state sort - of working-and-has-boring-smileys-because-I-basically-did-the-digital-equivalent-of-duct-tape CHATBOX) when I saw an ad for ORU in the surfbar.

    After a failed shoot-down of all my favorite flying foods across my screen from being SERIOUSLY OUT OF PRACTICE, (might have to switch to the rifle for awhile as either me or the shotgun is too slow. Probably me though) I almost passed it and onto the next site when I saw the words:
    "They REMOVED the one time set up fee! "

    Even more awesome the ad was by someone who is also a Traffic Humanoid member! YAY!

    Lets just say the rest is history and any plans on fixing the chatbox that day went right out the window. That was it, I signed up for ORU right then and there and now its officially available for use o Traffic Humanoid as a payment option!

    And.... now I am kicking myself for not having joined SOONER despite the former activation fee! (Ok in truth there IS a fee, but its all of one measly little cent. That's $0.01! Hows that for an activation fee!)

    Also you can get a debit card mailed to you that you can use to withdraw your earnings from straight from your ORU account.

    How is that for awesome?

    Anywhoo you can find full details and even sign up at the url below.


    If you would like to purchase advertising and upgrades over on Traffic Humanoid the username to ORU pay to is:

    "traffichumanoid" (without quotes)

    IN OTHER NEWS: I also applied for a Authorize.net account as LFMTE just added a mod that removed the "Payza" slot and puts Authorize.net in there. Authorize is a credit and debit card processor. Its currently in test mode and does not work. It will take a few days for my account to be approved (or not?) but when it is and I take the button off test mode lets just say this...

    Your credit and debit card purchases will be automatically credited to your account after successful payment!

    Gone will be the days of waiting for me to manually credit your purchase! (And less of a workload for me, yay!)

    Anyway that's all! Have a great day!

    -Jacqueline Mart CFMW
    Traffic Humanoid Admin

    ps.... not a member yet of either my site (above) or Hungry For HIts? What are you waiting for? JOIN NOW! I don't bite! (hard...)

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