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  • On Traffic Humanoid: We're Knocked Out Due To Texas Ice Storm Power Outage! Feb 15th-17th 2021

    Traffic Humanoid TE Member? If so that's probably the reason you are reading this wondering what happened. As you most likely have noticed Traffic Humanoid main website server is down, as is our entire webhosting company's main website and server grid. Traffic Humanoid's web hosting company is GoGVO. GoGVO and their (and ultimately OUR) servers where Traffic Humanoid script and database is installed on, are located in Texas. Right smack in the middle of the ice storm fiasco going on right now!

    While I admit I am more concerned about the thousands if not millions of Texans currently without power, and in the case of electric only housing situations, without heat, in freezing temperatures right now. As of this morning the first deaths have been reported as a result of the storm and lack of power My heart goes out to Texas right now and the affected families.

    However, as an online advertising business owner, I am also concerned by a couple of serious blatantly obvious problems with GoGVO (our web hosting company) right now, and the actual state of everyone's data on those now cold servers. Taking into consideration that, while yes other web servers/websites on those servers owned by other web hosting companies located in Texas that were affected by the power outage ALSO went down for a few hours, they came back online rather quickly due to the fact those companies have, and got going their generators strong enough to keep website servers powered and online. This despite the fact the entire power grid is down in a good chunk of Texas right now.

    What About GoGVO? Their servers ARE STILL DOWN, including their main website, as well as us at Traffic Humanoid and everyone else hosted with them, and have been so since the storm 3 DAYS AGO! This tells me 2 things. First there have been public comments from people who supposedly are GVO staff saying they are working to fix the problem and have limited generators. Limited being the key word. This tells me they DO NOT have basic server power grade generators as a back up in the first place. They probably have dinky house generators to keep their own computers and main company stuff powered on allowing them to work on (supposedly) fixing the problem. My question is this: WHY THE HELL DO THEY NOT HAVE SERVER GRADE GENERATORS! Or if they do, they reserved them for everyone but their own hosting clients. Second, even before this whenever I would contact their staff for help with some error that came up, usually no one knew what was going on and LFMTE had to explain to their staff on NUMEROUS occasions to keep certain flags and settings (That should not be on for a live server anyway) off otherwise it interferes with the script. Pretty much every LFMTE update I would have to go back and forth with GVO staff to turn OFF these things that according to LFMTE should not even be on, IF the GVO staff knew what they were even doing. This on top of feeling like I'm talking to a toddler on GVO staff in terms of getting problems fixed on many an occasion, ON TOP OF THE SERVES BEING OUT, I take this whole situation as a sign from God/Universe/Website Traffic Online Advertising Gods/Whatever to get Traffic Humanoid the hell OFF GVO asap. I have been less than thrilled with their hosting service and Joel (ceo of GoGVO. Seriously you can't miss him, his mug shot is on every page of the website when its online) that $1 trial of their "more advanced" marketing tools I just signed up for and was going to integrate with Traffic Humanoid and pay 25 a month after the trial, no thank you!

    You can also hang your limited 50 emails out an hour. Traffic Humanoid will not be throttled down to fit into your limited BS rules any longer either.

    What's Coming: I can't get access to download a copy of the most recent database that was last live on the site before the power outage until GVO gets their act together and gets back online. As soon as its back online, and assuming their staff was smart enough to do cold storage backups and their entire server isn't fried, and the site comes back online and the backup is relatively recent to where it was, I am grabbing that copy and leaving! I am going to be moving the site to a Dedicated and Preferably CLOUD Server (we were on Shared, good old fashioned hard server, which is part of the problem with confirmation emails and pass resets not always getting to members), and it's going to be on ANOTHER hosting company. I may move right to the actual LFMTE hosting servers that are designed for LFMTE exchanges and thus, staff already know what they are doing in terms of server requirements. I have a couple other hosting ideas, but feel free to let me know what they are if you have them. The other thing I can do is take my backups of the site I have and just go today and ditch GVO before they get their act together if ever, which could be a week at this rate. A dedicated server like this isn't cheap, but it's a necessary change that has to happen.

    To get further updates check our Patreon page as i'll post things there on a public/free posting. Subscribe for $1 a month to get email notifications of updates as well as our live chat server and more. I will be moving ALL upgrades to Patreon when we get back online one way or another. Also taking the opportunity to clean up and change things that still need to be done. For the next 30 days anyone who subscribes as a a paid Patreon, that money will be going towards a much better dedicated server and getting us back online faster. Also anyone who ISN'T a Lifetime Infinite Being upgraded member (before the server blowout) and becomes a paid subscriber will be upgraded for LIFE when the site comes back online/moved elsewhere. Thats a $1 lifetime upgrade.



    That's all for now. back to interviewing potential new web hosting companies. Ill update you on Patreon about the site coming back/move/etc so stay tuned.

    -Jacqueline Mart
    Traffic Humanoid Admin.

    Ps.... Now I'm Gonna Go Shoot Some Food In The Hungry For Hits surf :hunt:

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