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  • Feb 27th 2023 at 12:43 AM
    A year on top!

    Hi Team,

    We have been in first place for a whole year. A year sprinkled with many joys but also with ambition, hopes, uncertainties and worries sometimes. A year in which we demonstrated unity, team spirit and put in a lot of effort. I congratulate you all for this success and I wish you continued work and many successes. And because your effort deserves to be rewarded, this time each member of the team will receive 5000 credits.

    A year later, it is worth reminding you, perhaps, of some more important moments. Before starting this period of invincibility, our team managed to place in first place twice. The first time we stayed for 5 weeks (at that time we were fighting with "Surfing Dynamics"), and the fight was extremely tight (we were winning with 2-400 points in advance). We fell to the 2nd place for two weeks in the condition that we made 9595 points (yes, you read that right!), but they also worked 10452!! But then we recovered and climbed to first place for another 7 weeks. In the last week of this series, Wonkru "exploded" and they came to less than 400 new points. Then the inevitable happened. They scored 10,255 points, we didn't recover and fell again, but only for a week. We recovered immediately and after a few weeks of shoulder-to-shoulder fighting (with only a few hundred points ahead) we started to win more detachedly. After "Wonkru" was lost, "The Dream Team" grew a lot, but it no longer demonstrated the determination of the other teams we had to fight with. In just two weeks out of the more than 30 in which we fought with them, they managed to get 1000 points closer to us.
    I would also like to mention here the most active surfers in the team - those who throughout this year were in first place in the team. Seconded, the first was Gillian who in the 39 weeks she was with us finished first 24 times. Next is Mario, who has been in the team for 22 weeks and has finished first 13 times. Balin was also in first place - 6 times, Brian - 4 times, Rene and Tom - 2 times each and Alexander once.
    All of you have done an exemplary job and deserve congratulations, and the highlighting I made does not in any way destroy the work of each of you. It is a statistic that I considered necessary to make as a reminder.

    Returning to the current situation, I must note your ambition this week. We finish with over 8700 accumulated points, over 4000 points more than the 2nd place, now occupied by "GeNxT Chasers!"

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    Apr 19th 2023 at 9:18 AM by Caroline Kish
    😍😀✋❤❤ WELL DONE!! LuckyEthel
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