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  • Nov 4th 2020 at 12:39 PM
    Residual Income Affiliate Programs

    Learn how to separate the hype from the facts. There is no mystery as to why people are looking for residual income affiliate programs. The idea that you can develop a residual income stream that potentially lasts for years for work you did once is pretty exciting. The key is to learn the difference between reality and hype when it comes to making it happen.

    Making money is certainly a good thing. Making money with residual income affiliate programs is a very exciting thing. But, if you really want to be successful with residual income affiliate programs, make sure you understand the basics.

    First: Understand Residual Income

    Residual income is income that keeps coming in long after the initial work has been performed.

    Song writers are a great example. They write the song once. But they can be paid for many years if the song becomes a hit, gets picked up for commercials, movie sound tracks, etc…

    Rental property owners are another good example. They buy the rental property once. The rental income comes in month after month for many years when all goes well.

    Insurance sales reps earn residual income from their customers paying the monthly and annual premiums.

    App writers earn every time someone downloads or purchases from within their app. The work was done long ago in some cases, but the money keeps coming in as people download the app and make purchases.

    Book authors get paid from book sales long after the book is written.

    Of course, network marketers and affiliate marketers are able to earn recurring commissions through affiliate programs.

    What Is an Affiliate Program?

    An Affiliate program is a way for a company that manufactures a product or provides a service to generate sales through a team of independent Affiliates. These Affiliates have typically purchased the product or service, enjoy it, and are able to quickly and professionally refer other customers to the company. When they refer sales, the company pays a commission to the referring affiliate. These Affiliates are typically independent contractors. They set their own schedules and make their own decisions as to how the product or service is marketed (within the provider company guidelines).

    One good example of such a company is TrafficWave.net which provides email marketing autoresponders to businesses around the world. The concept is really very simple. We have customers around the world who use our email marketing autoresponders to generate new leads and follow up with those leads to generate more sales.

    Our customers include authors, entertainers, manufacturers, bloggers, actors, attorneys, restaurants, and affiliate marketers who all want to generate new prospects and close more sales. Since they also know other business owners and entrepreneurs, it just makes sense for them to be able to make a referral. When that referral begins using our service, we pay commissions to the Affiliate that referred the sale.

    We have Affiliates who have been using our service to build their business and earning referral commissions since April, 2000.

    Those Affiliates who build and train a team of Affiliates can build additional income by qualifying for increased monthly residual incomes and leadership bonuses.

    We highly recommend connecting to us on your favorite social media sites to stay updated and informed.


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    Oct 15th 2021 at 2:44 PM by smartsolutions sales
    Nice article,sir.
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