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  • Approximately 36 hours or 48 hours ago, had see an advertising site that seems to be a very well filled up with features with great potentials for quality traffic that we all love. The said site was called ETHads, an advertising solution that pays 100% commissions instantly when a purchase has been made to the platform. The site have taken the disadvantages of the ethereum smart contract model like that of Forage and solved them, becoming more user-friendly in wallet platforms and providing a product in the form of advertising. I also noticed that is being promoted by many as the next Big rival of Forsage that has 16 pairs of 3x1 Matrix & 2x2 Matrix plus Re-Entries over and over, you will surely love it the way I did.

    ETHads provides quality advertising for each of the levels you enter, it has total 32 levels of instant commissions that you can earn from and receive quality exposures for the programs being promoted by members. I happen to share the table images below for all to see those of the earning potentials that any member can generate while enjoying the quality exposures for their websites promoted in that ETHads.



    On both of the above tables, the member will be rewarded with another advertising packages each time he/she completed the needed table.... and as you can see from the images, each of the wallet photos is giving another 100% commissions and the recycle image represents the frequency of getting new chances to earn more of those commission all over again oh yeah that can be OVER and OVER again hahaha.... the arrow up image represents that the sponsor will also get paid. ...

    Getting thrilled yet? hahaha... did you know that it now has about 1,200 active paid members? With that growth in first 48 hours, I can say there must be some real time charms in it. Join now from the banner below and start your adverting and some earnings in ETHads.

    This ETHads do accepts ETH and the payments are all handled by and thru Coinpayments gateway with very small transaction fee. Yup...! real tiny fees .. hahaha

    Good luck and happy advertising posting everyone... Hey, would you be so kind as to leave some comments below for me please.

    Thank you all so very much,

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    Aug 8th 2020 at 5:37 PM by Noli Panginen
    hey Michelle, that really is an interesting thing know about that new advertising site you mentioned ETHads... I love that platform as well... It is well worth our advertising budgets, because members that are looking on banner ads and textads are all active buyers, as I believe that only paid members can get inside and login to the members dashboard. To all HungryForHits members and anyone reading this blog of Michelle, better join the team now... yup, scroll up the blogpost and click the banner to join as soon as you see it.
    Aug 12th 2020 at 8:46 AM by Michelle Tuvilleja
    And, hey, even if you aren't familiar, I'm sure you'll be impressed with any online opportunity. I think we can consider that a success, right? Well, what if I told you that ETHads has identified THREE distinct areas where the Forsage model can be improved and YOU can be in on the ground floor to take advantage. We all know the massive success of Forsage, right? https://www.ethads.io/?r=148 😍😍😍
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