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Affiliate (referral) marketing and Team Building. All things "RocktheBizOps!.." and of course... TEs, Mailers, and a little bit of Social media too.. #RockOn
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  • Sep 30th 2019 at 8:54 AM
    Reality checks... ??

    So I've been up again since 11:30 pm... Lol ;) #Truth and I've been going through the entire Team site/blog, reading through the "Team Spirit" invite email series, looking at the R0CK pages, the Team and Personal funnel pages, etc...

    I've come to the conclusion that EVERYTHING is... R0CK and solid.

    The Team site/blog needs a little fine-tuning, not much.

    The R0CK capture pages (all of them) are very on point.

    The R0CK emails are very on point.

    The branding and message and content is all on point.

    Bottom line is....

    RocktheBizOps Team Build is pretty well defined as it is.

    ...and I'm pretty sure (correction, I am sure) that there are not many/if any other "for real" Team Builds and that for sure there are no "gimmick strategies" that are going to help more people, more often, more long-term and for less money... for real... than right here @ RocktheBizOps.

    Not long-term.

    Not for real.

    As a quickie-cash grab opportunity?


    Find a "Leader" that might help with an awesome free tip?


    But I'm confident nothing and no-one is as "solid" as R0CK.

    So where's the peeps?

    Let's go find them...

    Either they haven't found us yet... they haven't visited us yet... they don't realize that what they're hoping to find just doesn't exist yet...


    They have found us and visited us and maybe even joined us...


    They can't handle the ugly #truth that there is both "work" and "learning" required to get ahead online, on the cheap.


    That's their mistake, not ours.

    They'll be back.

    We'll be here...

    #RockOn πŸ˜ŽπŸ€™

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