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  • Dec 31st 2023 at 1:49 AM
    The Cost Of Electric Vehicles

    The Telser Battery

    To manufacture it you need:
    12 tonnes of rock for Lithium
    5 tons of Cobalt minerals
    3 tons of mineral for nickel
    12 tons of copper ore
    Move 250 tons of soil to obtain:
    12 kg of Lithium
    30 pounds of nickels
    22 kg of manganese
    15 pounds of Cobalt
    100 Kg of rams
    200 kg of aluminum, steel and plastic.
    The Caterpillar 994A used for earthmoving consumes 1000 liters of diesel in 12 hours.
    Finally you get a “zero emissions” car.
    Biggest money making scam in history.

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