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  • I recently launched a new video campaign to help spread awareness about Herbalife Nutrition. 

    This is an effort to bring free online education to our online wellness communities around the world and to make it easy for anyone to get involved and take part in our fun online activities and coaching events.

    I launched the campaign early while still working on the finishing touches, but all the main features are set up and ready. 

    You can expect to find some really interesting videos, presentations and educational online events, Live Coaching and Video Learning Experiences.


    • Learn about The "NEW" Herbalife and The "OLD" Herbalife 
    • Learn what other people are saying about Herbalife
    • Learn what Global Nutrition Partners & Professional Athletes are saying about Herbalife
    • Experience The Nutrition with a fun Online Challenge
    • Free Online Coaching Offers
    • Free Online Business Presentation

    Transitioning to Full Launch in Q4 2023

    Members in our online traffic networks and focus groups got to see the launch first, beginning on the 5th August 2023. 

    It's probably going to be a few more months before it's fully launched, I'm estimating late Q4 2023. However, with that said, since you are now here reading this post... You can get a look for yourself and start your online video adventure experience for free using the link below.

    The Amazing Herbalife Nutrition Video Adventure Experience

    The Experience is providing access to educational videos, presentations, video learning, live coaching and group coaching events.

    The Amazing Herbalife Nutrition Video Adventure Experience

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    To Your Amazing Success, Good Health & Great Fortune!

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    Aug 25th 2023 at 8:33 PM by Panagiotis Mittas
    solid business
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