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  • Dec 27th 2020 at 5:32 PM

    My First blog :) I remember Join-Promote-Earn was the title of my first Splashpage that i made few years ago. I used a simple Html coding to create it and it took a long time to finish it :). I was sceptical about the response from viewers. I was a newbie so i didn't understand the importance of the title that much at that time.

    Recently i read a free report from one of our renowned Te owner and it contains few ideas that were not agreeable by many Traffic exchange owners. Always take the positive things and ignore the negativity. After reading that report it reminded me of my first Splashpage. I received some referrals from that page too :)

    This is how i relate that report to my title.
    Join- as a free member. Surf for Credits and the credit-ratio of the website makes a win-win situation for both user and owner.

    Promote - Track your website, Brand your website, generate leads and use a tool like autoresponder to follow up your leads.

    Earn - New launch of a website ?Mail your list and succeed in your goals. Hard work pays off ;)

    This may be useful for newbies who are still searching for an idea like how to succeed in Traffic exchanges.

    Join - Promote - Earn.

    I have added a similar such splashpage below. TE's mentioned in it have updated their website so you wont find those contents related to current time.


    Good Luck!!!

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