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Looking for traffic and lead generation training, traffic exchanges, viral mailers, and tools for social media marketing and search engine optimization.
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  • Hey folks,

    I see a sad state of affairs in the poor utilization of the profile and community blogs here are Hungry for hits. These outward-facing profile pages are great recruiting tools for both your business and your Hungry For hits downline.

    How Do you Get The Most Out Of Them?

    For one, you can add a few more lines of text. Ideally, a minimum of 100 words to tell a reader about what You are promoting and if you want the search engines to take notice and send free traffic at least one post a week should have 600-800 words and be related to the niche your business is in.

    But how do we do better on Hungry for hits itself?

    To do better with the blogs here you need to build relationships, not just collect friends. This happens by not just chatting in the live chat and hoping people come to your blog but by going to other members' blogs and leaving comments that show you are reading their post and visiting their links.

    Comments have a 2 edge sword effect on a blog. They engage the other member but also your profile is linked to your image and name and builds inbound links to you blog that other people can click and search engines can assume makes your blog better than the others because you are an authority people look up to.

    This doesn't just work on your blog here but on blogs everywhere online.

    Have a blessed weekend,

    Andy Zeus Anderson

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    Nov 28th 2020 at 4:09 AM by Howard Glaves
    very well put Andrew but what happens when your like me no good with words haha
    Nov 28th 2020 at 4:18 AM by Andrew Anderson
    LOL make some up, it's how we got every word we speak lol
    Dec 20th 2020 at 6:55 AM by John RubinoSmith
    I think this is a great blog article. If we don't engage on other people's content how can we expect engagement on ours? A blog like this is great for business. I have had signups directly from my blog posts.
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