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Looking for traffic and lead generation training, traffic exchanges, viral mailers, and tools for social media marketing and search engine optimization.
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  • Nov 28th 2020 at 3:54 PM
    Read Before Cyber Monday Ends.

    Folks, I know why you are failing and it's not your fault entirely.

    I mean, if you are giving things time to become something great (at least a year), and are applying what you learn immediately. You are likely not doing anything drastically wrong in your business.

    You have longevity and aren't program hopping. You are past the point of shiny object syndrome, and hardly second guess your journey anymore but you still haven't found your catalyst.

    You have spent hundreds or even thousands on training. You know Youtube and google like old friends and you have a network of peers you have built over time but none of you are making serious income yet.

    Well, that's because you know the pieces but not the right order, you have tools but not the best tools, and it's not your fault. That is unless you fail to read this and take action today.

    Andy Zeus Anderson

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