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I have an interest in Affiliate Marketing and Network Marketing. I love travelling and networking with others.
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  • If you want to earn a substantial income online, you need to consider High Ticket Affiliate Marketing.

    Why is that?

    There is nothing wrong with promoting low ticket offers I do that as well.

    But the truth is, if you are looking to reach your money goals quickly then high ticket is the answer.

    To illustrate, if you want to earn $1000 a month (extra), based on 100% commission if you sell:

    a $7 product - you need to sell 142 items every month.
    a $97 product - you need to sell 10 items every month.
    a $500 product - you need to sell 2 items every month.
    a $1000 product - you need to sell 1 item every month.

    If you see value in having a high ticket offer and would like a high ticket product to promote then I highly recommend this opportunity:

    It is one of the best opportunities out there and is designed to fit every budget.

    Why not check it out and see what it can do for you? What would an additional $1K - $3k every month do for you?

    If you have any questions, don't hesitate ask.

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    Dec 18th 2020 at 6:34 PM by Andrew Anderson
    Great advice. You do need a mix of offers, often a funnel is best with a low entery leaduing to a bigger ticket purchase.
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