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  • Many marketers are unwittingly killing their Facebook business before they even got started with two big mistakes.

    As we all know, first impressions are lasting impressions.

    So if you are running an online business, you will be aware that having a decent profile is essential.

    I use Facebook to market my business in addition to Traffic Exchanges amongst other platforms.

    Here are the two big mistakes I see with people setting up their Facebook profile:


    Many people think they can remain anonymous and so will use the picture of a cat or dog for example.

    I hate to break it to these people but in business, people do business with people that they know, like, and trust.

    So if you are a serious online marketer, you'll want your profile photo to be a photo showing your face. If possible you
    should smile in your photo.

    Who wants to do business with someone looking sad?

    Sometimes, people also have a photo of themselves with their partner or spouse. Unless your partner is in business with you, it is best for your profile photo not to include your partner.


    It is easy to trip up on this one.

    Your Facebook cover photo is another great way to let people know who you are.

    You want to add a picture here that shows the best version of you.

    Be aware of the dimensions before you add any old picture though!

    The most common mistake I see here is people adding great cover photos with the wrong dimensions.

    The end result is - and I have seen an example just now - that you may for example add a great picture but where your head is cut off!

    The other point is you want to make sure that your cover photo is mobile optimized.

    What I mean by that is your Facebook cover photo may look great on a desktop computer but terrible on a mobile device.

    What kind of impression of you does that leave your prospect

    There are two ways to resolve the issue with the cover photo:

    1) Do It Yourself

    You can head over to Canva and use their Facebook Cover Photo template. That will ensure you have a nice looking cover photo that is perfect on mobile and desktop.

    Canva is free to join:

    2) Get professional help

    If you don't want to be messing around with your Facebook cover photo yourself then you can get some help to do that.

    You can ask a Fiverr graphic designer to produce a stunning, professional-looking Facebook cover photo that will make people stand up and take notice of you.

    You can check what Fiverr has to offer here:

    Many people skim past those two elements in their marketing. But your profile photo and cover photo are of big importance to your business.

    There are three other elements that can contribute to having a powerful profile and will force targeted prospects to want to follow you.

    If you want to learn more, you can download my free Profile Profits cheatsheet now:

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    Nov 12th 2021 at 12:13 PM by Richard Dumouchel
    Good advice John.
    Oct 29th 2023 at 5:10 PM by Richard Faller
    Very informative John
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