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I have an interest in Affiliate Marketing and Network Marketing. I love travelling and networking with others.
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  • Many people shy away from blogging for a variety of reasons. Some might feel that blogging is too time-consuming, others may reason that they are not good enough to write. Another group might feel that they do not have expert knowledge to write on a given topic.

    Whatever your reason for avoiding blogging, I see blogging as a key activity for internet marketers.

    Blogging is another vehicle you can use to communicate your ideas and thoughts on any given subject. Now as an Internet marketer that is extremely powerful! Why?

    People go to Google every day looking for information or a solution to a problem. Can you imagine being able to satisfy your audience with a solution to a problem through the written word?

    The beauty of blogging is that people can read your blog posts such as this one 24/7, anywhere in the world...for as long as they have internet access!

    People buy from people that they Know Like and Trust. By communicating with your audience regularly, they are building their trust in you especially if they keep coming back to read your content.

    The cool thing is you absolutely do not need to be an expert to write content.

    I found this article in a community I am part of that can help you write content for your blogs more effectively:

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    Feb 11th 2020 at 12:52 PM by Richard Dumouchel
    Great Blog! I wish you much success..
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