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I love Playing guitar and marketing. I like to code and create ads, surfing and connecting with others whom love to market their programs and businesses. I have a site Called Bi-Polar Marketing that is a blog. I have site I am developing and hope to launch in Jan.2019
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  • This Weekend Was Awesome!!

    Today has been an awesome day, actually the whole weekend has been awesome.
    I got some really good feed back from some folks that have been around a few yrs about some of my ads. Which is always great!!
    True feed back is what I am talking about.
    Like hey your font is blurry or there are to many things going on, or the splash is to big and making people scroll, people don't like to scroll.

    Do I know Of A Site Where I Can Earn $200 A Month

    Which leads me to a question I was asked today, Do I know a site that will allow me to make $200 bucks a month right now.
    I answered with the truth....No I do not at the moment anymore.
    I told the person that everything I am doing right now is mostly with using free crypto to generate more, or the strategy I am using takes time to generate that amount each month.
    My plan is to brand myself and my company within my target community. That takes time because you have to build relationships and trust with your clients/fellow marketers.

    I did tell her that at one time I was able to earn that Kinda income if I wanted from Clixsense.
    I forget to tell her that, back in 2013 I used clixsense to earn the money I needed to help me buy Thanksgiving dinner that year, plus I was able to earn enough from there to help pay the winter bills.
    I was able to give her and idea about something I thought she should seriously think about doing because of the things I see here sharing in the social networks.

    The Just Of It All

    You can earn that kinda income when your starting out if you want to sit at one site all day doing research task, surveys for sure.
    But if you want to build that kinda income with out limiting your self it takes time everyday.
    In some way you must focus your efforts on being trust worthy and truthful and always helpful if you can.
    I do not no if I was able to help her, I would like to think I did....
    Just as I would like to think that I am with You!!

    Have A great Week!!! Peace

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