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I love Playing guitar and marketing. I like to code and create ads, surfing and connecting with others whom love to market their programs and businesses. I have a site Called Bi-Polar Marketing that is a blog. I have site I am developing and hope to launch in Jan.2019
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    Have You Noticed Whom Really Is Willing To Be Helpful?

    Hello again!! I hope that you enjoyed your weekend and find your self refreshed and focused this week!!
    I want to touch on a subject that everyone of us have faced at one point or another in this type of marketing business....Whom is really wiling to help or be helpful, and whom is just saying it.

    I found these TE's and Viral Mailers back in 2010, during that time frame I found a group of site owners that seemed to be my answer...right? Sound familiar?
    Just about a week ago, one of those site owners announced that the company that so many have come to know and learn from...even earn from until PayPal shut them off too, like so many others, was dis-banding. He said that he was keeping the biggest part of the sites involved and too be looking forward to some much needed changes!! I hope it comes to be that he does indeed revamp CTP (I was not going to mention it but....I need to for a point of reference)!!
    But I must say I have been supportive because of how easy it is to reach this person and to get a response from him. With that being said....I am also seeing his focus is not on CTP at all, now he may have Blain or whom ever in the background taking of things...can't really tell though. I wish the luck but I have lost faith.
    For years I have came and went from this community, for years I have seen the Affiliate Funnel ads, I have seen Tony Tezak all over the place. But I will admit it was not until recently that I decided to take a leap of faith and join Affililiate Funnel(I honestly thought that I had already...LOL), butthat only came about because of me attending the webinars they have for their members of Affiliate funnel and The Know Guys/ The Membership Script.
    I had not set in on one since some time in June...but 3 weeks ago I did, they helped me tweak a capture page, which is doing well too, and Brenda Boyles sent some of us that were there an invite to the LFM skype group link.
    I am a lurker, in life and on-line, I like to sit back and watch folks and get to know them from a distance before approaching them.
    I am seeing and experiencing community involvement like I have never ever saw at any time over the last few yrs!!
    I've found a couple of TE's that are very active lately(Hungry 4 Hits and Hit's and List Cafe), I honestly was both surprised and very pleased...I upgraded! See other than Traffic Swirl, I have found that most TE chat's are dead no one even says hi and if you ya do then it's hours before any one else says anything.
    I am finding that these groups of marketers and site owners are around and ready to help or just shoot the crap any time of the day!!


    The person I was eluding to from CTP is Jon Olson....although I am confused about the direction he is going and where CTP stands, he has been a big help to me just because he is always available and responsive to his messages, but I have noticed that those whom he is surrounding himself with, as was the case with TimTech, are not/ or are they willing to be so available. Yet they preach that they are!!
    With the LFM and Affiliate Funnel group, what I am seeing is a group of owners and veteran marketers that are very active and helpful, but most of them are focused, not on money but building relationships and personal branding. You have 20-30 owners/marketers that are always there lurking themselves...they ain't fooling me....I have been set to invisible mode for 4 days now!! LOL!! I used to think that only Sweeva(yes I know It's dead advertising these days) was the place to find such activity and help!!
    What I am trying to point out is that if you want to grow on-line and find true help then you need to find the group's and/or person's that are on-line and reachable....meaning that if you send them an msg on skype or discord or FB or......if they do not answer you with-in 12-24hrs then they are not very active and are most likely full of BS!!
    For example...I had upgraded my Viral Commando Profits this past weekend, while collecting my extras for doing so I entered a promo code at Viral Taco Traffic that downgraded my account there, right?
    So I send Mari Jones-Fritz a support ticket. I figured It was a little late so I would not hear back until the next morning sometime.....less than 2 minutes later it was fixed and she sent me an e-mail letting me know!!!


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