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I love Playing guitar and marketing. I like to code and create ads, surfing and connecting with others whom love to market their programs and businesses. I have a site Called Bi-Polar Marketing that is a blog. I have site I am developing and hope to launch in Jan.2019
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  • Dec 17th 2018 at 8:36 AM
    The Check List For The Day

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    Do you have a check list of things you need or want to get done?
    I know I do....For me though it can be over whelming at times because I have put a lot on my plate intentionally.
    I have 4 sites that I am focused On. 2 are blogs and 1 is a mailer and the other a membership site.
    I push myself hard because that's the only way I know how to function. But I will admit I find myself not being able to stay focused on the task at hand. See I am Adult ADHD, plus Bi-polar Manic Depressive, So I tend to run around all day multi-tasking and working on 8-9 things all at once....oh wait I just thought of a new Idea....oh wait what was I working on, oh yeah this new blog post over here but wait I need to send out this e-mail ad oh wait....I can use this idea to help promote Traffic Wave Oh wait I forgot what I was going to do!!
    Did You get a little lost.....I do all the time. So to help me remedy that issue I went and bought a dry erase board to help me stay focused.
    I have been told by my family and friends to do so before....but I am stubborn and did not want to admit that my illnesses require me to have a checklist so I can keep my focus where it needs to be.
    The next thing I have started doing is keeping a notepad and a pen next to my computers, so that when I come up with an Idea or a to-do item, I can write it down.
    On my white board I have created a daily to-do list. It's huge but I guess I have adopted my former employers view about my work load I am placing on myself. My former employer would always start the day of with a meeting and then he would hand us out a to-do list, My best friend worked with me and was in charge of our crew, Donnie(my friend) would always get stressed out because the list would always be so big. One day My boss sat him down because he was upset that those list were so big.
    Jim( our boss) said that he made those list so big to:

    • Allow us to see what we needed to get done and in what order, that way we could keep on schedule with our customer base (we did asphalt maintenance and paving) at least somewhat, cause things do happen.

    • Next he said that as we completed the items on that big list checking them off as we went, he hoped it helped us feel good about how our day was going. His thinking was visually seeing your progress would help his workers feel like they were getting some where. Thus giving us a sense of pride for all that we had accomplished so far.

    • The last reason was to help us have a starting point for the next day. What ever we were unable to get to that day would just rollover to the next giving us a starting point, and Jim would just add on to it. This would allow us to organize our tools and equipment,as well as get ready anything we could for the job(task) we would be starting our next day off with.

    Jim told Donnie that his intention was not to over whelm us, but it was to give us direction, so then that would allow us to organize our selves and equipment the way we needed to so that we could make the best of our time each day. His intent was not for us to get 100% of it done in one day...he knew that was not possible. He also hoped that as we checked it off that we would feel good about it cause he knew the work was hard and out.
    That's how I have been running my life lately, I have too.
    My checklist allows me to stay focused more, it helps me see all I was able to get done that day and it let's me have a place to start the next day. I also include the name and e-mail of each and every team member I have on My Traffic Wave team I am building,I have the name and e-mail of every person on my list on this board as well. See that's one of my to-do's each day...I am trying to memorize at least their names so I know whom they are with out having to look it up(after all it's my job to know them).
    The take away I hope you get from this post is that putting a lot of work on yourself is good, if you start to feel over whelmed just look at your checklist of to-do's and I bet you'll feel a bit of relief from seeing all you have got done, and you'll know where you need to start as well as how to get organized for the task at hand.

    Have A Great Monday!!! Peace and Love To Yas!!!

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    Dec 21st 2018 at 1:45 AM by Mary De
    You sound like me only you have way more to do .. I drive myself crazy
    Dec 21st 2018 at 5:07 AM by Patrick Simpson
    It's all good for me though at the end of the day. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment!!
    Dec 21st 2018 at 5:55 AM by Mary De
    I'm glad it's all good for you then Patrick :0)

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