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Mystic Mystic #iamreality *The Revolution "The Truth Shall Make You Free" ★Artist Slumdog★ (I am that which I am)



***Blessings declare***

*i say onto you.

Changes only come through repentance

and without a consideration

there is no repentance therefore

there is no change.

***Take Heed***

#iamreality *The Revolution

*i say onto you

“consider thy changes and proceed in repentance.

“The Truth Shall Make You Free”

★Artist Slumdog★

(Questions asked)

What is (#iamreality *The Revolution #promotion) is all 


*I say onto you

#iamreality *The Revolution,

is a process of total

aweaness, of that which Is Not acknowledge is now 

Acknowledge. And that which is Now acknowledge

Is Not acknowledge.

(For example)

Total aweaness Starts With OneSelf.

Therefore, by such acknowledgement 

I ★Artist Slumdog★  , choose to become the 

total aweaness of the oneself of that which I am,

In full demonstration an in full manifestation,

of That which  it is declared to be.

#iamreality *The Revolution

*Expression ★Artist Slumdog★

***Take Heed***
*I say onto you
I can not experience anything outside of myself without seeing it within myself.
***Take Heed***
I cannot know anything within myself without a experience of it outside of myself.
*I say onto you
How can I know if I don’t know?
#iamreality *The Revolution
“The Truth Shall Make You Free”

★Artist Slumdog★


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