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� Top Traffic Sites �

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Manual and Auto Surf Traffic

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Klixion Autosurf | TE Hitz | TrafficSwarm | | Build your referrals!

French Autosurf
NetVisiteurs is a French Autosurf site.



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AJ 57 and over 1.4 Million members can't be wrong ° EasyHits4u
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NetVisiteurs -=- Learn French by viewing websites! Earn 12% from referrals: Tu gagneras 12% des crédits qu'il gagne en surfant.
ForeverAutoHits -=- Turkish Autosurf Traffic Exchange... variable timer from 9 - 180 seconds; Hide the HTTP Referrer... High Traffic! Free members can add up to 5 sites. Use a language translator service.
teHitz -=- 2:1 ratio autosurf, with 1000 Free Credits to Join; Earn 1.0 credit per unique vistor to your referral URL! Add up to 3 sites free.
NoClickSurf -=- Autosurf + Lots Of Free Credit Bonuses!
AllAmericanSurf -=- Autosurf / Banners / Text Ads... +5,000 free credits to join. 0.75 Credits/24-hr unique; You will also be awarded 150 Regular & 5 Manual credits every 30 days.
247AutoHits -=- High volume - Unlimited FREE Website Hits Since 2006
1stHitsPro -=- No-surf Exchange / Banners / Text Ads... You will also be awarded 250 Regular & 5 Manual credits every 30 days.

Limited Surfing is now available to Free members: you can surf up to 100 pages for up to 50 points. Normally points are earned by promotion and also by getting referrals! Earn 2000 Regular points for each verified referral! All members get 1000 free joining bonus points to get you started, and 250 a month for then on. Upgraded members get up to 7500 credits each month.
EagleWok -=- 2,500 Free Credits to Join; Add up to 4 sites/banners/textads each & Earn 0.75 credits for each unique view to your referral URL
Klixion -=- Receive 5000 free credits by joining! Very high traffic autosurf. 2:1 surf; Earn 0.5 credits per page surfed... 10 sec timer!! Add up to 5 website URLs for F'ree. Optionally download their custom Klixion Viewer for 24*7 hits!
Traffic-Mondo -=- Multi-language Autosurf Traffic Exchange
FeelingSurf -=- Variable Timer Autosurf; can also click a few links for 15 credits each... Download their SurfViewer, or use the website interface. Get more hits to your site with this good French autosurf! (site is written in English)
Websyndic -=- Increase traffic to your websites with Autosurf Websyndic V3!
SocialSpinner -=- Autosurf exchange with custom software (Windows), OR now, web-based interface... Earn $0.10 for each active referral. -=- Autosurf in the background on your computer! Download and run the custom HitLeap desktop application... Earn 25% of the cash from all purchases that your referrals make
HitLink -=- Unique and Quality Manual Traffic Exchange. Free members get: 5 URL trackers and 2 URL rotators... Here's my rotator #1.
LeadsLeap -=- An advertising network covering 6,000+ websites, with daily ad impression of 400,000+. You can advertise FREE and get Real Visitors who are interested in your offers.
TrafficG -=- **Top Manual** Traffic Exchange with 575,000+ members. Also has a quality 2:1 Banner Exchange.

Each 'verified' person you recruit:
  1. Is placed on Level 1 of your Downline
  2. Adds +50 credits to your account!
  3. Earns you 25% of their Banner 'Exchanger' credits,
  4. And 10% of the members Surf Credits, forever!
TrafficAdBar -=- Unlike many other services, Traffic Ad Bar uses a level ladder which generates hits for members by using the "Daily Update Email".
cashjuice -=- It's like, made by the guy at TrafficAdBar... meant to be a social-type website for Internet Marketers.
GeoPro2 -=- Track your URLs in your advertising campaigns. Upgrade is $5/mo and you earn $2/mo for each referral who upgrades!
MeerKatTraffic -=- ** TOP PICK ** Manual traffic exchange 1:1 surf ratio... your sites are seen on 100s of sites with their traffic co-op. Add up to 10 banners and text ads too -- all for free!
TheDownliner -=- The Downliner - The Ultimate Traffic Cooperative.
Banner-Adz -=- 1:1 Banner Exchange Ratio. 10,000 banner ad impressions (credits) free upon activation. Earn Credits by promoting your Splash Page!

Autosurf WebSyndic V3

� 1:1
� 10% from Referrals...

  • 1:1 ratio traffic exchange
  • 10% Traffic from Referrals...
  • 25% Cash Commissions!
Join them today!
Autosurf Websyndic
- Crapholio was here.
... Is Made By The Guy At Trafficadbar ...

Websyndic V3
Click Here To Check Out Autosurf Websyndic V3

Yibbida 1:1 Exchange
High Quality Auto/manual Surf Exchange! :: Must Join ::

Surf No Click
Autosurf + Lots Of Free Credits!
Free Traffic To Your Website!

GeoPro2 & GeoPro3
Awesome Link Rotator & Banner Exchange!

Social Autosurf
Custom Software Allows Frame-breakers!

Manual Surfs:




Traffic Co-Op:

The Downliner - The Ultimate Co-Op Cooperative
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The Downliner - The Ultimate Co-Op Cooperative
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Hey, Learn some Turkish!

Join ForeverAutoHits, add your sites, then 'Otosurf Yap' to surf until your RAM runs out!!
(Referrals earn you 30% of their surf'd credits)

French Autosurf | cashJuice | Banner Xchange | | Websyndic V3

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