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Global Sou-Sou is a Private Opportunity by private invitation.

You may invite people but invite them privately.

Members earn $10 + $25 + $100 + $250 + $500

+ $1000 + $2000 + $4000 in a 2-level board system. 


You purchase a board and other members in the

board send you payments.  Each member receives

(4) payments in each board.  You can repurchase a

board at any time to continue to receive payments.

Please watch the presentation before joining.

The cost to get started is $20.  $10 is a one-time admin

fee (Hosting and Software Tracking Fee) and $10 is

for the first board.





Get repeat payments over and over again.


Steps to Register:

1. Click on this Link -

2. Scroll Down and Enter 'prosper' all lower case

in the blank field beside Agree > Click on Agree.

3. Type in my Invitation Code - akiv769173  > Click on Agree

4. Enter Your Details as requested in your screen.

(Enter all the Payment Options under Gift Preference)

5. Send your one-time $10 Hosting and Software Tracking Fee.

Once the payment is confirmed you can move on to next step.

6. Click on Circles and Choose your boards to Join.

7. Send your donation to whomever the system assigns to you. 

Please let the system do the tracking.

After creating your account you can login at

Team Strategy

Our team is only joining the first 2 levels at this time. 

The first 2 levels are $10 + $25.

Please do not join level 3 or beyond just yet.


Telegram Group

My Sponsor has created a Telegram Group for our Global Sou-Sou Team.


Many are doing well.


Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.


Carl Goodnight


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