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Free Bitcoin has been replaced by Coin Nuggets.

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CAG's Coin Nuggets Coop.   

The Treasure Feeder Matrix is one of 12 to
be launched, over the next 12 months.

Each Feeder will be replaced at the end
of every month, by a more powerful Feeder.

Treasure Feeder Matrix launched at approx.
6:40 pm EST, July 1, and less than 12 hours
later, the cycling of both the Coin Matrix and
the new Treasure Feeder Matrix simply blows
people away.

You can join Coin Nuggets as a Free Member
and earn your way to a sub.  Cost is $0.05.

This is the longest and slowest way to build

Minimum deposit is $5., so you can deposit
from $5. - $20. and get an automatic sub
created daily.

Anything over $20. can be used to buy
additional positions in the Coin Matrix ($0.05),
up to 9 per day and additional positions in the
Treasure Feeder Matrix ($0.10), up to 10
per day.

This coop is primarily for those who have 
purchased at least one (1) Treasure Feeder
Matrix position.

You can follow the strategy outlined here but
you cannot get into the coop unless you have
joined under a coop member and have purchased
at least 1 Treasure Feeder Matrix position.

Here is my suggestion:

1.  Deposit $30. into your Coin Nuggets account.

2.  Create a sub by clicking on the Purchase
Subscription link.

3.  Purchase up to 10 Coin 1 positions ($0.05 each).

4.  Purchase 10 Treasure Feeder Matrix positions
($0.10 each).

5.  Send me the name of your sponsor as you
will be joining under a member of the coop.

6.  Send me the id number of one of the
current feeder positions.

7.  Send me your referral link, to be added to
the coop.

This will ensure that any member who joins
under you from the coop link, will be a paid
member and earn you sponsor bonuses as
they cycle thru the various matrices.

Just in case you are interested, here is a post that
I put in the CN Skype room, about 11 hours after
the Treasure Feeder Matrix launch.

wow and double wow.  Treasure launched around 
6:40 pm EST, July 1. 

I got in around 8:15 pm and got #1393.  Bought 10.  

As of 5:45 am EST, July 2, 916 treasure positions
cycled and we are not even 12 hours into the new 

My guess is that anyone with 2000 or less will probably 
cycle before the first 24 hours is up, or just a few hours 

This is causing coin 1 cycling to jump almost 50% higher
than before treasure launched and I expect cycling to 
continue going up instead of leveling off or going down.  

In addition to that, I have been max purchasing up to 
9 coin 1's daily as the system allowed, so cycling 10
treasure positions will give me 30 more coin 1 positions 
and I won't even be able to buy any more coin positions 

$1.00 spent buying treasure positions will result in $3.00 
in earnings, a 200% profit in less than 24 hours.  

As word spreads that a Feeder matrix has launched at CN, 
I expect people to be tripping over themselves to get $30. 
or more into CN, so they can max purchase both coin and 
matrix positions. 

As Sam Nichol says, "Don't touch that withdraw button".  

Build for the next matrix coming in less than 30 days. 

Pretty soon you will see your balances jumping over and 
above your expenditures.  Then you are on your way.

Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.

Carl Goodnight




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