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Get Help promoting 2x9 Bitmax.

1.  Coops work because they help members

2.  Member to Member direct payments
work because there is no middleman to
hold onto your funds and pay you when
they feel like it.  Sometimes days, weeks
or never.

3.  Cost to activate Level 1:  0.0002 BTC ($0.20).

Here’s the deal:

A.  Join 2x9 Bitmax.

You will be joining under someone in
the coop.

Once you activate your account by
upgrading to level 1, send me your
2x9 Bitmax referral link, to be added
to the coop.

Suggested strategy:

1.  It only costs about $4.00 to upgrade
thru levels 1 – 4.  

I expect that once people see how easy
it is to get into this program, they will
want to upgrade beyond level 1.

If you decide to stay at level 1 and your
downline upgrades to level 2 or higher,
you will be bypassed for payment.

There are only 2 positions to fill at level 1.

Get Help promoting 2x7 Cryptobitx.

This program is like 2x9 Bitmax except
it is a 2x7 and the lowest price to entry
is $1.00 (0.001 bitcoin).

Here’s the deal:

1.  Join Cryptobitx

You will be joining under someone in the
Cryptobitx coop.

2.  After you activate your account, send
me the name of your sponsor and your
referral link.

Advertise 2x9 Bitmax and Cryptobitx for Free.

1.  Bitcoin Adz Club.

Click on Advertising link and enter
Welcome in promo code field.

2.  Hits Monkey.

Start your Free 1000 Hits Campaign.

Powerful program for serious income.

Unicorn Adz.

My Coop will promote Unicorn Adz for you.

Get your own Hungry for Hits profile page and
create your Top 10 Splash Page, to promote 10
of your favorite sites.

Click on banner at top of page.

Here is what my Top 10 Splash Page looks at Hungry for Hits.

Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.

Carl Goodnight

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