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Carol Zhou

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Getting started:

Today, Let's look into Referral Builder Elite

Online, there are lots of TE sites and lots of PTC sites and PTR sites and TrafficWave too..
How are you going to promote all these sites together...Things seems impossible...

But with Referral Builder Elite, Problems solved..
Log in and you will find  A-Z Site Directory..
In this section The program has lists over thousands of websites

For example, Put in speedway in the search box
The links including speedway will show up page by page and 
Traffic Speedway is included.
The referrals link of Traffic Speed Way will show like following:

For you to fill in your registered ID and if you are not yet a member of 
speedway You can also find the SignUp link from me Your upline.. 
If I did not registered for example, My upline ID will take my place instead.. 
After I signed up, I will fill in my ID for my referrals to sign up,
then The links will be

With ReferralBuilderElite help, I successfully sign up more than 70 TEs 
in single..It also has PTC sites and PTR sites too.. 
In addition to A-Z site Directory, I like its bonus Advertising Most.
In This section, it has more than 50 Mailer sites and over 20 TE sites, 
You need to be a member of These sites first and then fill in 
your members account IDs to the website, 
then you can claim bonus credits from over 20 sites per month. 
For example, It has 500 credits/500 banners/500 texts for per month.  
Claim one site per day, 20 sites 20days and your traffic is well running..

Referral Builder Elite also sends out Solo mails to your inbox 
and you can earn points to post ads to its members just like mailers.. 
Well, it is so good a program that has so many benefits and 
all it Cost is only $57 for one whole year. 
Yes, Right, 
If you want to be an active member of referralBuilderElite, 
you have to pay for it first.. 
The good news is that you can test all its function 
by its 7 days free trial, 
and earns 40% commissions from your downlines..

Once again, Click the banner top of this email and get your own account
For More SignUps, click

and Enjoy....

Your Truly,
Carol Zhou

Another Daily Email for your referrence..

Dear Sir,

Referral Builder Elite is another rapid downline builder as you can see in many traffic exchange.

For example, if you surf and often sees traffic speedway but can not locate the site address

when you want to sign up, so you can search within Referral Builder Elite and sign up.. Or

Like you already signed up hungryforhits then you can add your referral id to its A-Z directry. 

In this case when some one else sign up as your Referral Builder Elite downline,

and when they search and sign up within Referral Builder Elit, they will be your downline.

And the site offer bonus advertising which I like most.

Click in the bonus advertising and select Traffic Exchange Bonus right in the page up

middle  you will find about 30 traffic exchange for you to sign up. 

Fill in your account id to these website at edit login then you can claim bonu credit

for your traffic. I personally signed up all the traffic exchanges already and

claim one traffic site every day and surf 100pages or so. 

and My whole month traffic is well functioning.. 

This is a team elite, If one of your downlines well promoting Referral Builer Elite

and for example, This downline say Mr Green did not signup Hungryforhits

(I mean for example) Then When the downline MrGreen Referred to and

Sign Up Hungryforhits, They will become your downlines of Hungryforhits.

By the same time your downlines' downline is yours too.

And Referral Builder elite is a must paid program so whenever

some one joins you. You in most cases is a sure earn situation.

I hope this helps and If you still have other questions,

Feel free to contact me.

Yours truly,
Carol Zhou


---Original Message---
Morning Carol.
Long time no hear from you; Anyway needed to ask you 'something' on that site you promoting (Referral Builder Elite)

if I join is it an 'auto surfing' site or just a another manual exchange?


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