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100% SCAM-protected earners 


SCAM is impossible here:
Based on Ethereum Smart Contract that is build directly on the blockchain.
Can't be deleted or changed !
Impossible to hack !
No Admin Involved !
People joining by the thousands every week.
This is the team build so You'll get the spillover.

1) Install ETH app or extension

Use Trust Wallet App for cell phones or Metamask extension for Google Chrome for computers. 
Metamask has easy installation and navigation.
2) Create Your new ETH wallets

Create different wallets with unique names for every program. 
Click on the account logo, which looks like a multicolor pie(Metamask), then click on "create account" and give it a name. 
For example, if You want to join - create ECash1 wallet and receive the 1st Ether address. 
If You plan to join - create MillionMoney2 wallet and receive the 2nd Ether address.
3) Fund Your new wallets
The minimal price is 0.025 ETH(~ $4.25) for + 0.03 ETH(~ $5) for
BUT! You have to fund Your wallets with 0.077 ETH due to fees. You can fund the 1st wallet(ECash1), then pay for the 1st program, then send 
the remaining unused ETH to the 2nd wallet(MillionMoney2) within Metamask and pay for the 2nd program.
Copy Your new Ether address and use CoinSwitch or Wyre in Your Metamask account,  Blockchain, CoinPaymentsCoinbase, or trusted exchange services to convert Your BTC, LTC, DOGE and other coins to Ether.
4) Join
4.1. Choose(click on) Your separate wallet(ECash1) in Metamask tab within Your Google Chrome browser;
4.2. Copy and paste the link below into the new tab within Your Google Chrome browser where your Metamask extension is 
or open your Trust Wallet, Click the DAPP tab and paste the link in the browser.
5) Join using rules 4.1. and 4.2.:


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