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On the member home page and on the letter hunt page in surf, we have an extra advertising opportunity for your ads. Whenever there is a new Ad Spotlight, you can click "Click here to view it and get a prize" to receive a little credit prize. You can get the Ad Spotlight simply by purchasing it with your credits.

There is a set time for each member level before anyone else is able to take over the Ad Spotlight. The price starts at 50 credits, but if someone else wants to buy it within 2 hours, the price goes up with 25 credits. The price will keep increasing until no one else buys it, and then it will display for 2 hours until it resets back to the default ad and the price goes back to 50 credits. The default ad may be given out as a prize in contests in Hungry For Hits as well, since so many people see it so often and get rewarded for viewing it.

To add your own Spotlight ad, click "Click here to put your site in the Spotlight!", and a new window will open. If there is still a waiting time until it is available, it will say much longer the current ad is locked in there. If it is available to purchase with credits, you will see how many credits it costs and 3 fields to fill in.

The banner image url: Just a picture url, no ref link. Not necessary, but it looks better. If you are unsure, open the image url in another window to see if it displays correctly.

The website url: Your website, referral link, or whatever it is you want to advertise.

The text which people will see advertised, similar to a text link ad. Don't put a link here, simply put the site name if you can't think of something (short) to say about it. Example text: "Big promo on -Sitename- today, join me!"

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