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How do I earn credits to use for advertising?


When you click "View ads - Earn credits" in the menu on home page, you will be taken to a new window where members ads are displayed. This is also where people will see your ads. At the top surfbar there is a timer indicating how long you have to stay on the site. When the timer reaches zero, five icons (small pictures) will appear. This is often referred to as "surfing" in a traffic exchange.

Click on the picture that matches the picture to the left, to move on to the next site. You can see how many pages you have surfed in the bottom surfbar, and if you go to member home page and scroll down to your stats box, you can see how many credits you have earned. Your surf ratio is dynamic, meaning it will increase the more you surf in a day.

If you can't reach the surf window at all, please read the "Why can't I surf" article.

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