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Learning the african language Swahili, & Brazilian portuguese,Traveling, camping, hiking, I like watching animal shows.
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  • Get the complete article about this topic by going here or clicking the link. https://photoshoppalace.com/home

    PS: I chose this niche because the sentimental value it brings.

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  • Sep 6th 2020 at 2:09 AM
    Fashion Photography Tips for Beginners

    Your one stop source for all your photographic needs. As a thank you for stopping by, I have a free gift just for you.

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  • I am going to develop the "Ambition" trait more in the coming months or however long it takes to achieve my goals. I will continue to get better at it over time.
    I must make myself a massive plan to get to my goals and objectives. Clarification is key here on my desired outcome.

    1. I want to become a Gold Team Leader by Years End.
    I know it is going to take me to sign up many PSA,s to get to that rank. But who knows it may not, Luck might be on my side.

    2. Making A Full Time Income With MY SFI Business.
    I must get better at team building and sales. This includes reading books about these subjects.

    3. Money Management- I can say I am pretty good at my finances. Maybe I can share some of my knowledge about this subject to my team.

    4. Getting On Top Of The Network Marketing Industry Daily Is Going To Be One Of My Objectives As Well. By Me Succeeding More in this Industry, Others Will Want To Emulate My Actions

    5. I will have to recruit more PRM,s Personal Referred Members as well as bringing in members to Rewardical and Localvantia. I have a long journey ahead of me but I will succeed. I just reviewed the SFI compensation plan again. Yes I will get more CSA,s as well because they also bring free rewardicals into my account.

    6. I must tell my team when they signup, this business is not easy to build quickly. That means I would not make outlandish claims on how much money this business can make. I will tell them it depends on you.

    My 4 Step Plan:

    1. Team Building
    2. Duplication
    3. Saving My Commissions & Rewardicals
    4. Using My income From My 9-5 Job To Fund My Business

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  • Jul 17th 2020 at 3:07 AM
    Positive Affirmations For Everyday Life

    Although I have my own positive affirmations I save everyday.
    Some of these I will add and comment on and implement for better living. I say my affirmations 3-6 times per day. I wonder what would happen if i should say it more times per day? I'm guessing it will make me have a positive reaction or a better outcome on these affirmations.
    Implementation of your goals and planning will help make your positive affirmations become a reality.

    1. I Will Have A Great Day At Work.
    Since I Spend Most Of My Time There.

    2. I Will Become A Gold Team Leader By Years End.
    I Buy Traffic Hits, PSA,s and do some of my own advertising.

    3. I Will Become Fluent In The Swahili Language

    4. I'm Full Of Love & Joy

    5. I'm An Action Taker & I 'll Get Things Done

    6. I Will Never Quit My SFI Business
    Longevity & Staying Power Can Bring Me Success
    With My Business.

    7. I Will Create A Life I Love.

    8. I Will Make Bad Situations Become Good.
    When something do bad happen, I should repeat
    some inspirational quotes & motivational quotes
    to uplift my mood.

    9. I'm A Strong Person Both Body & Soul

    10. I Move Stress Out My Life

    11. I Will Make A Full Time Income With My SFI Business

    #11, I am going to say this everyday from now on. That just
    popped up in my head. That is why I am here with my SFI

    When you say these affirmations non stop, It will change your
    thought patterns and bring peace upon you.

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  • So far this traffic campaign has generated 13 PSA,s and its not even close to completion. In addition, I also has some ads of my own with previously paid advertising. I also buy PSA,s every month. I suppose I can buy more advertising on other traffic sites, but I thought to myself if I want to see my store prosper, I must buy or upgrade less on other traffic sites and buy more on Tripleclicks, aka Traffic Hits. To be honest, Most traffic hits that is generating signups is a decent source. Maybe this formula will work better for me now or even in the future. I will update you all soon on these traffic hits.

    I simple do these 4 Steps:

    1. Team Building
    2. Duplication
    3. Saving My Rewardicals & Commissions
    4. Using My Resources From My 9-5 Job To Fund My Business

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  • Jul 8th 2020 at 7:14 PM
    29,857 Free Rewardicals Has Cash Value

    What will you do with these rewardicals? Maybe you will want to cash them out or simply do some shopping. My rewardicals are growing because I save them. Since I operate my own business, saving is part of my business strategy.

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  • Apr 11th 2020 at 5:05 PM
    Why Am I Given Inactive Team Members

    CSA,s stands for Co-Sponsored Affiliate. We are given these team members as a bonus for achieving Executive Affiliate,Bronze Team Leader,Silver Team Leader, Gold Team Leader, Platinum team Leader And Diamond Team Leader. When you buy products, you are also going to get some of these Co-Sponsored Affiliates as a reward. Some of these members will be inactive. As an added bonus, you will get
    matching shares, aka a pool of money, and some free rewardicals added to your account monthly, provided you
    have active CSA,s on your team.

    I have a total of 1,445 CSA,s on my team. I can seriously say,
    some are inactive. I give my active team members some signups myself.

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  • Some countries are on lockdown due to this deadly virus. The Postal service in America is suspending its service international to some countries. The following countries are not getting service from the USA Postal service:
    Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Cayman Islands*
    Cook Islands
    Costa Rica
    French Polynesia*

    Those countries are just a few that I listed. If you need the complete list just ask. If you have digital products then this doesn't effect you. That is why digital products are in high demand. You save on shipping costs. This restrictions on shipping products international is going to be going on for awhile. Not for just USA Postal Service but other areas of ecommerce, etc. If you buy from Amazon.com, check with support to avoid any confusion and shipping times with your

    Like every other pandemic, money still can be made in these
    troubling times. Perhaps you can try investing in bitcoins or other crypto currencies.

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  • Normally if you sell products, you can get free rewardicals after the signup process. But in my case, I get free rewardicals
    every month from my team. I can convert these free rewardicals into cash, bitcoin,etc. The first of the month is when these rewards are deposited into my account. I feel so much better knowing I have many choices for these rewards should the need arise when I will cash them out. One of my team members in my business opportunity even won some free rewardicals without even spending any money out of their own pockets.

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  • I am testing different colors with my marketing promotions to see which ones brings me more clicks or sales, etc. I am currently using a pale green as my background cover or even a different color call to action button. Green normally means nature, growth or even money. Once I make sales or signups, etc, I will probably stick to that color, patterns, etc in my marketing campaigns. That will most likely brand myself in the market place.

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  • I just communicated with one of my team members in my business opportunity. This is the message i received......
    The benefits are a few last month and i can't redraw;;;
    My psa are inactive so i have a weak team to want to reach ea or btl.

    I then replied, You do know if you don't reach ea this month you will lose all your csa,s. That is a loss of 174 Co-Sponsored
    Affiliates for this active team member. I am waiting on a response on my message.

    In a worst case scenario this team member might quit. But any business requires time and effort for success. I have had many of my business associates just opt-out of their business
    opportunity. I am not going to quit because some other people decided to quit because of some short term obstacles.

    I have been with my network marketing business since 2014.
    If some of my business associates decides to quit, I wish them
    success with their future. I am going to continue on to the promised land of income and prosperity.

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  • Mar 26th 2020 at 2:11 PM
    I Praise My Hard Working Team

    How often you congratulate your team for very good work?
    I praise my team for every milestone that they achieve. This is
    very important in network marketing or multi level marketing.
    For example if one of my team members makes their first sale, I will congratulate this independent business owner.
    When I get feedback from a person in that way, I feel appreciated, and to me it is very polite and professional.

    I have this (Personal Sponsored Affiliate) that I have been congratulating for over a year now. This very good worker is from Russia. I also have a very good worker that is from Ghana, West Africa that I have been sending praise to.

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  • Mar 21st 2020 at 11:44 AM
    Concentrate On The Outcome You Want

    It just came to my mind, that I should save my commissions until my commissions is equal to or more than my paycheck at my 9-5 job. That is one area I am concentrating my thoughts on. By that time I believe my commissions from my MLM business will increase anyways. Pick a goal, plan or idea and try not to think of nothing else that is unrelated to that idea, goal or plan.

    What do you think I should do with my commissions when I hit my income goal at my job monthly? I might continue saving
    my commissions, cash out my commissions or simply put it back in to my network marketing business.

    I just upgraded to another traffic exchange for a month. I will see how my campaign do in that month.

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  • Mar 14th 2020 at 7:17 AM
    A Plan That Works

    Having Plans for whatever you do will bring the results you looking for. It might take time but it surely is worth the wait.
    I simply generate targeted traffic to my various promotions.
    Remember if you do nothing, nothing is what you will get. I save my commissions from my business opportunity and use my income from my 9-5 job to fund my MLM business. I also buy signups for my network marketing business to build my team.

    Some of these multi level marketing signups are active. It is worth the investment in my opinion. Last month I obtained a signup that became a team leader, and earned me a commission and leverage income.

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  • Mar 12th 2020 at 1:37 AM
    Goals Setting At It's Best

    I set goals to help me lead a clear path to my destination.
    When we don't set goals, be it short or long term goals, we
    tend to lose focus. My short term goals is to make some sales. My long term goal is to become a Gold Team Leader in my business opportunity. I just recently bought me over 100 signups for my business opportunity. I will soon see my goals
    come into fruition.

    I get to see some of my team members goals as well. Since MLM (Multi Level Marketing) is a people's business. The business opportunity I am in has a checklist for making our business a success. A brief introduction to my team members
    is a very crucial step to make a one on one relationship.

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  • Having a clear path of your destination you want to go is a recipe for success. First we have to get rid of all the negativity
    in our lives. Don't ever say you can't do it. I have decided I am going to be making the income I make from my job and more from my MLM business. What we need are positive role models, mentors, etc, that have taken the path themselves and have been where we want to go. I will show you the way because I am A Silver Team Leader with this Multi Level Marketing business I make income from.

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  • Mar 8th 2020 at 4:07 AM
    Learn To Be A Leader By Reading

    Having some sort of expertise or knowledge in your field of interest can help you and other people. Someone always have problems that needs fixing or solved. For example, if you like the stock market, why not read some books on how to buy stocks cheap or at a reduced price. I read a lot of blog posts at the forum that I frequent. It gives me tips and strategies for my business.

    Maybe you want to read something on how to save money shopping. You can buy products out of season. For example,
    you can buy coats in March or April at department stores. They will be making room for the spring fashions, thus the reduced prices.

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  • Mar 7th 2020 at 12:21 PM
    Control Your Own Destiny

    When I started in business for myself, I thought to myself I will be successful in building my empire. You can lose your job at any point in time. But you can't lose your business unless you in mountains of debt or you just flat out quit. No business is built over night. Some people think that money is just going to
    fly out of thin air their first month or year. If you good at selling, you can make money but it takes work.

    What I did my first year in business, I started building me a team my very first month and made some sales. Although I am not at my highest income with my business as I once had, but business work like that sometimes. I just started implementing new strategies and techniques,now my income is increasing more.

    If you think you will succeed, you will succeed for sure. But you will need an action plan along with some goals to make it successful. If you ever quit on anything, remember someone
    else has won, so don't ever quit.

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  • Providing the best support you can to help your team will make your MLM business more successful. When I signup prospects, referrals, etc, I usually contact these recruits via
    chat in real time. That way your team will know, they will be talking to a real person, not an automatic system such as an autoresponder.

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  • Mar 5th 2020 at 6:29 AM
    Buy From Your Own Store (Tripleclicks)

    As an SFI affiliate, I buy a lot of signups from Tripleclicks monthly to build my business. By doing so, you can pay yourself a little money and others with executive pool shares
    in this SFI business opportunity. I buy Tcredits too monthly at tripleclicks. I will buy an ecommerce subscription this month too. There are geographic areas that you can buy that might be in your own country with this ecommerce shopping platform. Thus it can save on your shipping costs. I know there are shoppers that like to buy from there own country.

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  • Mar 4th 2020 at 10:23 AM
    Work With Active Team Members

    I make sure I spend a lot of time on dedicate team members that show an interest in their business. I can tell when my team show an interest by buying products and asking questions about how to promote and anything relating to my business opportunity. I then monitor their business to see if I can provide the best support I can to help their business grow. I then will buy signups myself to give to my active team members to help build their teams. That's what working as a team is all about as well as being a great Team Leader.

    The 4 Step Plan For Massive Success Is as Follow:

    1. Team Building
    2. Duplication
    3. Saving My Commissions & Rewardicals
    4. Using My income From My 9-5 Job To Fund My Business

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  • Mar 3rd 2020 at 9:53 AM
    Lead Your Way To Success By Saving

    When it comes to savings, you can either save your commissions from SFI, rewardicals or even when referrals buy from you in advertising sites. People buys credits, banner impressions, text impressions when you refer people to traffic exchanges, safelist, banner exchanges, viral mailers, etc. If someone even buy from these types of sites, I will just trade my commissions for additional advertising, aka credits, impressions, etc.

    That's if I don't have an upgraded membership on that traffic site. Saving my commissions on traditional advertising sites go hand and hand with my SFI business. Since we need tons of targeted traffic everyday to bring results that are needed for immediate success. I get a great deal on the sites I am an upgraded member. Ok, now it's time for me to join another traffic exchange.

    The 4 Step Plan For Massive Success Is as Follow:

    1. Team Building
    2. Duplication
    3. Saving My Commissions & Rewardicals
    4. Using My income From My 9-5 Job To Fund My Business

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  • The "Rules Of Success" In SFI has given me ideas on what to write about. I made a vow to join 1 traffic exchange site per day to market and advertise my business. I will be more active on some traffic exchanges and not others. You see I want to brand myself in my special way by joining multiple sites. Recently I have gained 2 referrals on such traffic exchanges. I want to master all the marketing and advertising on the traffic exchanges. When I do that I will move on to another type of advertising.

    I want to be the king of kings when it comes to using traffic exchanges for business growth. When due time, trial & error, and dedication, I will succeed for sure. I see all kinds of products and services being advertised in traffic exchanges. From all those advertisements, I want to be the one that's more unique than the others. I have found such unique measures that I use from time to time. Those ads are constantly in rotation because I am an upgraded member on 3 traffic sites. The traffic exchanges that has an open chat section for its members I fancy quite a bit.

    The 4 Step Plan For Massive Success Is as Follow:

    1. Team Building
    2. Duplication
    3. Saving My Commissions & Rewardicals
    4. Using My income From My 9-5 Job To Fund My Business

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  • Mar 1st 2020 at 1:51 AM
    The Fundamentals Of Business Ownership

    When you save money for your business, that is a very great business trait. If you have multiple income sources, it will be a lot easier. I show up for work every day for business. I provide great support to my active team. Most people start a business with a bank loan. I will prefer to start my own business by just
    saving the money myself to start a business. You are literally giving someone else power over your business when you use debt. Marketing is a vital component of any type of business.

    If you have a high paying job it will be a lot quicker. You can even start a business by pooling other people's money from your own neighborhood who share your vision. But crowdfunding or even venture capital is out of the question for some people.

    I believe there are tax advantages in business ownership as well. Some businesses have trade secrets and patents, such as SFI. Being unique in your products or services will sure make you money. Poor money management is one of the ways businesses can fail. That is why I made me my 4 step program for success that is unique to me and some other
    people in SFI. But with SFI, the cost is relatively low for business expenses. You can hire people to hand out flyers or other promotional material in your neighborhood to stores, etc

    The 4 Step Plan For Massive Success Is as Follow:
    1. Team Building
    2. Duplication
    3. Saving My Commissions & Rewardicals
    4. Using My income From My 9-5 Job To Fund My Business

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  • Feb 29th 2020 at 2:24 AM
    Low Cost Resell Rights Business E-Books

    If you have an online business, these ebooks can be of great help to your business success. We all know driving targeted traffic to our offers can bring sales. There is an ebook on getting free advertising. If you like writing for ezine articles for subscribers, there is an ebook on that as well. Get a $100 Gift Certificate For Free Just For Trying This amazing Offer.
    Paste this link in Your Browser for more information.

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  • Feb 28th 2020 at 1:35 AM
    My Total Saved Rewardicals Is 18,016.

    What will you do with these 18,016 rewardicals in your account? You can exchange these rewardicals with 12 different items. In my case, I will use 3. Gift certificates, cash, and a branded Tripleclicks Silver Bar are but a few I will like to trade them in for. Easter is in April, so why not trade your rewardicals in for the holidays. How about rewarding sellers of products with free rewardicals sound to you? It can be right in your hands.

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  • I did some very positive visualizations and thoughts into my mind to make some of my goals, etc come true. Guess what!!. One of my PSA,s just made BTL the first time. Tell yourself, you will succeed in your business with residual, leverage income, and sales. You are a winner if you stick to your business long term. A great leader will pave the way to
    make the whole team more successful. It all starts with you.

    The 4 Step Plan For Massive Success Is as Follow:
    1. Team Building
    2. Duplication
    3. Saving My Commissions & Rewardicals
    4. Using My income From My 9-5 Job To Fund My Business

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  • One of my team members in my MLM business opportunity wanted to know if they should give a signup to another team member. I told this active member, they must build their business first before giving away signups to other members.
    There are 6 team leader levels in my business opportunity.
    I am currently at STL (Silver Team Leader). I will want this team
    member to at least make it to Silver Team Leader before giving signups away to other members of their team. That tells your whole team that you are successful in building your business.

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  • Feb 25th 2020 at 2:47 AM
    The Power Of Duplication

    I send out weekly emails to my team about duplication in my MLM business opportunity. I notice there is more activity from my team members every time I send these emails out. I have 2 sets of duplication methods I use, One for beginners and the other one is for advanced MLM business owners, like myself.

    I also send out emails out about the leverage income(rewardicals) I get for my team. If your or my team don't see you making money, then they might just opt out the business. I thought to myself I must become a leader, mentor, or role model for my business and your business.

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  • 1. I get to have my ads seen 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    2. Anytime you get random referrals, that's team building
    3. bigger bonuses
    4. free up more of my time
    5. My ads get seen by free and upgraded members
    6. I will think the upgraded members are more keen to
    buy from you than free members.
    7. I get to place more advertisements

    Anybody have other reason why they upgrade, comments are appreciated.

    The 4 Step Plan For Massive Success Is as Follow:

    1. Team Building
    2. Duplication
    3. Saving My Commissions & Rewardicals
    4. Using My income From My 9-5 Job To Fund My Business

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  • Feb 23rd 2020 at 2:49 AM
    Promote Systems To Get Free Credits

    I am an upgraded member on 2 Traffic exchange sites. It can be more beneficial to us all especially when these members upgrade or even surf on these exchanges. Some traffic exchanges even gives new members credits just to join or with a promo code to get your rewards.
    This can save us a lot of time. Of course you are going to get a lot of inactive members just like PSA,s, etc. It might very depends on the quantity of referrals you bring in the systems too.

    You can get random referrals as well as bonus free credits monthly for being an upgraded member too. Something appears to be working because I just received a referral
    from a site that I am promoting. To increase my referral rate, sales or conversions, I must join more sites, place more text links, banners inside traffic exchanges. I might
    even upgrade my memberships to 3 or more to get better results.

    Here Are The steps I am Using To Grow My Business:

    1. Team Building
    2. Duplication
    3. Saving My Commissions & Rewardicals
    4. Using My income From My 9-5 Job To Fund My Business

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  • Feb 21st 2020 at 9:04 AM
    Internet Marketing For Beginners

    When I first started working online, one of the first thing I learned is cloak my affiliate links when advertising or marketing.
    This can help your affiliate links from getting hijacked by affiliate
    thieves. Now as an experienced marketer, I mostly join a few sites where I am an upgraded member. These sites are traffic
    exchanges. I am constantly adding new affiliate links and websites inside these traffic exchanges for conversions and more traffic hits.

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  • Feb 20th 2020 at 2:14 PM
    Buying Bulk Signups Pays Off

    Don't let anybody tell you that buying PSA,s is a waste of
    time and resources. I obtained 2 EA,s, one from last month
    and 1 from this month alone. The key is consistently and regularity.
    I then asked my new (PSA) EA, do they want any PSA,s added to their
    team, they said Yes!!. So I gave this active team member 3 PSA,s. This way
    they can reach BTL more easily if they want too.

    These are the 3 steps I am Using For Business:

    1. Team Building
    2. Duplication
    3. Saving My Commissions & Rewardicals
    4. Using My Cash From My 9-5 Job To Fund My SFI business

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  • Feb 20th 2020 at 2:12 PM
    Upgrade %,s When Buying Signups

    Sometimes it can take many purchase to get that one paying
    member that makes EA or higher. In my case it took around 100-200 PSA,s.
    What I want is have that PSA keep buying to get residual & leverage income
    monthly. Over time that will pay for itself for all the money I put in team building.

    My Formula For Success Are:

    1. Team Building
    2. Duplication
    3. Saving My Commissions & Rewardicals
    4. Using My Income From My 9-5 Job To Fund My SFI Business

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  • Feb 19th 2020 at 7:39 AM
    My New Active Downline Member

    I buy bulk signups for my business all the time.
    By me doing that, I received a paying member on
    my team. I then gave that team member 3 signups
    added to their team. I am a great team leader don't you
    think. http://autotrafficmagnet.com/links/17107

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  • Feb 18th 2020 at 1:53 AM
    Saving & Spending Cash

    I spend cash to survive and very little habits. I save cash for better investment
    opportunities. I can literally say, I have enough cash to live on for awhile to anybody
    that ask. While I am Doing this, I am producing residual income & leverage income
    at the same time.

    Here Are My Steps That I Implement:

    1. Team Building
    2. Duplication
    3. Saving My Commissions & Rewardicals
    4. Using My Income From My 9-5 Job To Fund My Business

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  • Oh Yeah, My nest egg is going to hatch when I reach Gold Team Leader.
    Doing some free advertising and buying some PSA,s is just going to help
    reach goals faster (short term). In this organization, your team may become
    active at any point in time.. By looking at your Match Report or scorecard, you
    can see the activity levels on your team. If it saids (0.12, total versapoints for PSA,s),
    etc, driving more traffic to our business, selling more, or buying more PSA,s, if
    funds are available. Analyzing the data and taken action or even split testing
    your promotions is key.

    The 4 Step Plan For Massive Success Is as Follow:

    1. Team Building
    2. Duplication
    3. Saving My Commissions & Rewardicals
    4. Using My income From My 9-5 Job To Fund My Business

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  • Feb 15th 2020 at 4:33 PM
    Cash Reserves For Business Expenses

    I am actually feeling good by saving my commissions and rewardicals.
    I am enjoying my job as the CEO of my organization. Surely someone
    will duplicate my actions for the good of the whole team. I am going
    to allocate the funds towards T-credits and PSA,s when the time comes.
    Oh yeah, I forgot maybe an ecommerce subscription. My goal is not reached
    yet so all my funds from this SFI business is not going to get cashed out yet.

    Here Is My 4 Step Formula To Reach Gold Team Leader:

    1. Team Building
    2. Duplication
    3. Saving My Commissions & Rewardicals
    4. Using My Funds From My 9-5 Job To Fund My Business

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  • Sending out weekly team mails to our teams in these core components will bring great results
    I am hoping.:

    Building our teams and making it more valuable to us is a recipe for success. As I make an
    attempt to advance towards Gold Team Leader, I am saving the commissions thus making it
    valuable. Now it is time to buy more PSA,s.

    1.Team Building
    2. Duplication

    The 4 Step Plan For Massive Success Is as Follow:

    1. Team Building
    2. Duplication
    3. Saving My Commissions & Rewardicals
    4. Using My income From My 9-5 Job To Fund My Business

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