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  • Oct 17th 2023 at 12:31 PM
    Beat Overwhelm

    No doubt in the world we live in today it is so easy to feel overwhelmed and have a low mood or outlook towards life.

    I want to help you overcome the negative and overwhelming fears that you may be experiencing.

    Step 1. Time to take some deep breaths and exhale slowly through your mouth, and just clear your mind and let all the tension go. Notice where the tension is in your body.

    Acknowlegde and accept where you are right now and how you got there. Be honest with yourself and realize it is time to raise your standards!

    It is time to make time for some self-care. Make time daily to go for a walk find whatever brings you joy and do more of that!

    Step 2. Remove and get away from any toxic people or environment that does not serve or support you. It is time to stop settleing and take your power back! You are stronger than you think... loook what you have already overcome thus far.

    No more excuses or telling the "old you" story. No more lying to yourself! Start doing things no matter how small that will get you closer to your goals, and before long you will have the momentum to keep you pushing forward. Have faith in yourself because you have everything to look forward to. Value yourself - You are Worthy!

    Step 3. Practice gratitude! Be a doer of good deeds. Be greatful for what you have and help others.

    Helping others by volunteering releases a powerful dose of endorphins! Something simple as smiling, giving a compliment, or sending a thank you note will help you have a more positive fiath.

    After a short time practicing these new productive habits, your own confidence will grow and you wil find tackling your own demons of overwhelm are getting easier day by day.

    I'm rooting for you - Coach Tim

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Beat Overwhelm
Oct 17th 2023 at 12:31 PM
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