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  • Mar 8th 2021 at 10:12 AM

    Have you ever thought about the importance of the environment?

    Forests are the greatest source of balance for biodiversity.

    The largest reserve in the world represents 10% of all biomass and almost a fifth of fresh waters taken into the oceans.

    In the last decades, the world’s reserves are suffering even more for the misuse of the renewable resources. Problems such as burning, degradation and deforestation are damaging fauna and flora. Are one of the main sources of the greenhouse gases emissions causing waves heat, floods and other natural phenomenons.

    Every 2 seconds, an area the size of a football field is devastated on the planet.

    As for the future, the next generations will feel the consequences, but, what would you do to prevent the worst from happening?

    The world demand for wood has grown by an average of 14% a year, becoming an increasingly valued and exclusive product.

    That’s why GreenGold, the world leader in Carbon Credit, started to act in defense of forests and reforestation of noble trees. Leaders defending nature renew the quality of life on the planet through leverage projects.

    A new concept of prosperity, based on sustainability and mutual benefit, for the environment and for you who want to invest in an even better future. With the association of the main market powers, the organisation is guided by innovative actions.

    Finland, Poland and Venezuela already add up to twenty thousand hectares of reforested areas, that’s approximately two hundred million square meters of protected nature.

    Following the market trend, GreenGold is looking for Eco-entrepreneurs to expand its operations in areas of illegal logging and above all, affected by fires.

    A promising project with sustainable replanting plans with noble trees, native to the Amazon region, which adapt to all types of biomes, one of the best species today.

    Be a hero by balancing the ecosystem. Become an Eco Entrepreneur and invest in forestry assets with Green Gold.

    A business model with low volatility y that benefits the next generations. When sustainability and profitability go hand in hand in actions for the environment, the opportunities multiply.

    Be the difference.
    Green Gold, preserving nature is defending life.

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  • Mar 4th 2021 at 3:38 PM

    Wood is widely traded on the world market mainly by the North American and European markets.
    Hardwoods or noble woods, have higher commercial value because they are harder and have greater durability when compared to common woods, therefore, their demand is even greater.
    With that, we have some possible sources of income generated by hardwood. Are they:
    💰- Financial profit at the end of the pruning period, with the sale of wood to the timber industry and eventual exports, supplying not only the domestic market but also international demand.
    💰- Profit from the sale of Carbon Credits (which are sold to industries and large companies that need to compensate for the emission of polluting gases into the atmosphere) generating a monthly income that is shared among all GreenGold investors - of approximately 35% monthly.
    So if you still have doubts whether it is worth investing in wood, we guarantee that YES, it is worth it!
    🌍 Invest Green.
    Make difference to the world.

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  • Nov 13th 2019 at 1:17 AM

    Have you ever thought about living in a beautiful and exotic island? Going to the beach every morning? Having a dream job? Getting paid in crypto, which is accepted globally?  ️ ️ 
    If yes, welcome to the digital nomads team!
    Get Freedom, use your TRASTRA bitcoin card and live a life like a dream!

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