Andy Barnes
Cheltenham, Glos, UK
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A netpreneur for 15+ years, I have, over the years, engaged professionally on all subjects relating to ethical internet marketing, website creation and management, social media marketing and traffic generation.

Today, I concentrate my efforts towards the development of 'Kaizen'.
Kaizen is continual improvement.

Continual Improvement of business - both what is offered and how we deliver it.

How can we add extra value and quality to what we offer in our online business?
How can we improve the experience of doing business online?
Continual Improvement of self - making life better for ourselves and others. How we show up in life.

Turning bad habits into good ones.
Making every day an exciting opportunity to make a difference.
Gaining new skills and knowledge.
Tapping into age-old pearls of wisdom to make a better tomorrow for ourselves, our loved ones and our communities.
.....and so much more.

This is KAIZEN!

I seek to share and encourage healthy living and active self-improvement on all levels.

A new, personal site & blog - - will serve as a central 'hub' for most of my personal recommendations for self-improvement.
The content is then distributed to all main social media platforms including Facebook (andyebarnes67).

I will publish content concerning self-improvement and health and wellness, mainly from an experential perspective.
That is, first person accounts of use and experience of the products and services promoted.

My other project is an established authority directory in the online marketing vertical - : THE Internet Marketing Directory.
Every listing is hand curated with each pointing first to a dedicated summary page of the listed site.

Listing the best in class resources for solopreneurs, netpreneurs and smaller, vibrant digital companies who are embracing the power of online marketing.
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  • May 13th 2022 at 5:57 AM

    For those inclined towards a smaller, home-based business or side-hustle tools and resources aimed more at other ‘internet marketers’ can be found at www.IMTraffic.ONE -One Place For Everything Internet Marketing where visitors can also find many top online business opportunities.

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  • Excited to announce that is now live and operating. Check it out for Advertising, Brand Marketing, Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Lead Generation, Marketing Consulting, Product Marketing, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing and much more for the dedicated internet marketer and internet entrepreneur (Netpreneur). is the unique one-stop location for internet marketing tools and resources. If you are an established or aspiring netpreneur, then you deserve the bare facts about the best resources to help your online success.
    Without the sales hype that normally comes with their 'so-called' reviews (normally written by those trying to get your commission).
    Whilst we are affiliated to many of the hand posted links, our information-rich listings simply distil the pertinent information about the website or offer, without hyperbole.
    With a growing number featuring a fuller review/summary on-site, you can quickly compare options before investigating further.
    It's about time the internet marketing world started respecting us all as business people who make business decisions. Ditch the sales pages and messages that operate on the emotional triggers more suited to B2C marketing and take back control of what you need, and when you need it.

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