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Karel Borod

Country: CZ

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Congratulations - You have discovered a smart and easy way to earn money!

Most cycler programs stall after a while with only new members joining creating a new position in order to keep the program moving.
We have overcome this situation by adding over 500 re-entries into Wave 1. Those entries will be added fully automatic at 1 position per day and help all those that join after you as well - Nothing to do on your part.
It will also make sure that program will run indefinitely.

The join fee is only $2, we accept several crypto coins for payment via the CoinPayments platform as well as Payeer, Perfect Money and Skrill.

A brilliant concept that will make sure that our Super Cycler will be around for a very long time.

There is an exclusive Adboard available, once you have upgraded your account to show your other business opportunities to the world.

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The Multi Feeder

Multi $1.75 Feeder.

One Purchase Feeds Several Plans

Everyone Starts In The Contest Feeder.

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A "passive" program that rewards you for logging in to your account on a daily basis and viewing a 1.1-second login ad. For the level you purchased, you will be allocated 1% of the revenue sharing fund per day. There are 14 levels ranging from 10 Tron to 1000 Tron..

Earn with out refferal 
need to login t your watch 15second ad and earn 1% of your purchase till 300%
just start with 10 trx less than $1 after you earned upgrde your level 
for exm f you purchase 10trx you will earn 30trx if you purchase 25trx you will earn 75trx

Accepted ETH, LTC, TRX



Have you ever seen a banner & text ad stats just like this : 
2000 Views / 2 Clicks ? 4000 Views / 0 Clicks ?
or..Have you experienced a message ad with lower than 1% CTRs ?
No No No..that wont happen to
Banner Viralizer. We have created such a system that guarantee a high CTRs on your message ad,banner ad, and text ad. it is our mission to make your advertising great again.. 
Experience our system and enjoy results, we guarantee it will be more that 50% CTRs on your ads.

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FFADragon also offers
-> an AutoPoster & an AutoSender
-> FFA ads in COLORS & WITH glyphs 🍒🐄🤪💛
-> 2 level referral commissions
-> This is a way to offer something free and instant to people
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                      You can join and check it all out for free and all members
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   Do not put off making money tomorrow, when you can start earning a progressive referral bonus,TODAY! 


Referral Network Club (RNC) is not your typical money maker. You start building your money tree network as soon as you invite your very first person. And unlike most sites you do not just earn from what you do by yourself but every person that is brought to you by YOU or your direct referrals, YOU EARN MONEY! Even if your direct referrals sponsor people and those people sponsor people, YOU STILL EARN!

Low Starting Cost Of Only 50trx (about $5)

  • One Time Payment, Lifetime Membership
  • Massive Spillover and Spill under
  • Banner Ads
  • Text Ads
  • 1:2 Credit Ratio - For each Trx spent is two ad credits.
  • Both With Unlimited Free Refills From Upgrades and Reentries.
  • Pay It Forward (PIF) Feature. (Can even PIF for your downlines!)
  • 2x3, 2x4, 2x5 Team Forced continuous matrices
  • Commissions Paid Direct To Your Active Tron Wallet
  • Earn Up To 5000trx In Referral Bonuses For Each Direct Referral
  • Free Upgrades Upon Cycling
  • Free Reentries From Higher Levels
  • Members Can Not Stack Positions. Only 1 Position Per Matrix.
  • 18 Levels Of Extreme Earnings
  • Refer Only 2 Members (refer more for optimal bonuses)
  • Earn From Every Member In Your Matrix regardless Of Who Referred Them
  • Earn Up To 1.5Million Trx Over and Over again


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  • One Time Payment $1.00usd worth Of Tron To Start
  • Lifetime Membership
  • 1:3 Credit Ratio. Each Credit Cost ~$0.0034
  • Login Ads
  • Banner Ads
  • Text Ads
  • Automatic Upgrades Upon Cycling
  • Automated Withdrawals To Your Tron Wallet
  • Backup Manual Withdrawal Security Protocol
  • Auto Refills Of Credits When Upgraded
  • Bonus Credits Upon Cycling
  • Progressive Referral Bonus
  • Sponsor Earns Bonus Upon Referral Cycling, Upgrade, & Reentries
  • Sponsor Earns Bonus No Matter What Level Sponsor On
  • Next To Cycle Page
  • Around The Clock Support Staff

TRON FINITE : One payment 100 TRON​,you never pay anything again.,fully automated matrix filling​ and payment of earnings.



It couldn't get better than this..FREE Platinum Upgrade, FREE Tron and FREE Advertising!

Here is a a complete Advertising Platform ideated by successful 
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Your Platinum membership includes FREE Advertising  to a 
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WIN up to 10,000,000 TRX SATOSHIS every 60 minutes

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Be a part of the success, all you have to do is choose to be a part of it!

Get a whirlwind traffic for FREE on this no fee T.E,Get 70% commissions , The entire TE surf page is all about YOUR programs.Money Up, To the Moon! ...with Moon Tokens!!

1 monthly credit for a SOLO AD TO 187,000 MEMBERS to Webstars2k (18,000) and Pangea (127,000) - it works instantly with 1 single click!





Earn up to 4% interest on bitcoin, altcoins and tokens, paid out daily. Add or withdraw funds at any time.

Choose from +30 digital currencies, including majors, alt-coins, emerging tokens, and stablecoins.

You get a sign up bonus of 20 USD in crypto after signing up. Then you can claim manually daily payouts from this 20 USD principal.

You can upgrade your wallet anytime by making a deposit.Interest payments are automatically credited to the wallet's balance every 24 hours.

36 Crypto Wallets with moderate interests per chosen Crypto Coin - multiple choices,
Excellent Ehchanger.

Real - Checked - Pays ! ! !

You can withdraw your balance anytime.!!



Banner ImpulsX MadInvestor


The first 2500 members to signup get their 1st position for F.REE.

Today 31.3.21 we start,
another great money maker Tron

Everyone who signs up gets a free position into the 2x18 Sub matrix.
Cost to upgrade is just 250 trx for 100 positions over the next 300 days.
That means you get a new position every 3rd day.
We urge everyone to purchase a new sub for the first 3 days after prelaunch
so you can get a new position each day to maximize earning potential.
Mytrxdaily has been built to move quickly in order to help you earn 100k tron
over and over again.
Earn 50% matching bonus from all your referrals 2x18 matrix.
HUGE PIF and Global PIF opportunities.

We have added new sub options in your backoffice.
You can now purchase 4different options.
1. Cost is 250 Tron- The original sub that renews every 3rd day for 100 days.
2. Cost is 75 Tron - A new sub that renews everyday for 30 days.
3. Cost is 30 Tron - A new sub that renews once per month for 12 months.

4.Cost is 10 tron  - 2x1 matrix without registration of new members
Each sub carries a 10% one time referral commission.
We know this will give a good price point for anyone to get started
with My Trx Daily.

Hurry and signup today.


TRX INFINITY The Money Maker TRX for 2021​

0 start-up costs, 0 registered new members,instant payments to your TRX
wallets  X
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Hi friend
I want to PIF you into Trx Infinity! It's Ingenious!
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When registering, it is necessary to deposit your TRON link on money,because you will start running out of money

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Don't have a crypto wallet?

 I recommend Coin Payments. or banner below) Registration and account is free

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You don't have to install any application, you just do a regular registration, In the account you will generate your Link TRON, register

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I will be happy to advise you if necessary.

Hi Karel

New affiliate program for TRX INFINITY--- TRON XTREME  

Main features of the new

TronXtreme has lifetime autocomplete ad credits. This means that a one-time payment of 60trx will guarantee you a lifetime advertisement and you will earn money every time 3 people are placed under you, even if you have problems with referrals! And the longer you are an active member, the more money you make. And this applies to every level you get a FREE upgrade to. You are right, upgrade for FREE. When you help others connect to TronXtreme through direct referrals or via PIF (pay it in advance), they are forever your direct referrals and every time they cycle, upgrade or re-enter any level, whether they have paid for it or given it for free, You get a very special referral bonus that you get again and again! That can't be stopped! This is your lifetime payroll! Even if you do nothing but enter a family member as a direct referral, which still entitles you to receive the referral bonus​.

No other platform has a TronXtreme compensation plan. You will definitely stick to this for many years to come​












We built this system focused exclusively for this $1 business,complete system that is FULLY AUTOMATED  on AUTO-PILOT. "Can a 1 Dollar ROGER Really Make You 7K?" ONE DOLLAR ROGER

You don't want to get into debt, give up shipping from China, or buy a franchise for three hundred thousand dollars.
There is an easier way.
You only need three things to start an online business:
1. The hungry crowd - a lot of people who spend money online
2. Product - something they can buy from you (you don't have to own it)
3. Credit or debit card
You don't have to come up with great product ideas.
You don't have to produce anything.
You definitely don't need to rent an office or anything.
1DollarRoger is my favorite type of seamless internet system that checks all three.
Not sure what to do from here? All you have to do is bring in massive traffic every day.

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                                         2 Associated programs to ONE DOLLAR ROGER







  I love programs where  spending time is fun and I also have bonuses in money as well !! Hungry For Hits site meets this on 1000%.I simply insert links, banners,texts and much more and then just show them to the world.This site is great for fun, advertising and even to make money. Commissions over $ 10 great admin Klara pays automatically to your wallet every 14 days. Accept  TransferWise,Coinbase,ORU and nextSign up for free and see what we offer,you have nothing to lose here  and you can only gain!!

Here you will find everything you can use as a free member



okGenuine HONEST program, No HYIP, No gurus tricks.okDo not ignore or miss this great opportunity.okNo one ever fails here!okThey say that 3 things can t be taken back: A spoken word, a shot arrow and an Opportunity!okA compelling system and finally lucrative for the little guy.okLIFE CHANGING compensation plan - 100% PAYOUT!okCreative traffic generation system.ok8 Hits is a very creative advertising site with an owner/admin who is constantly creating innovative features that benefits his members.okTrust worthy admin, highly recommended.ok8Hits Always developing new innovative features and top promotional tools.okYou can't go wrong with 8Hits!okInfinite hits, minimum effort.okInfinite hits by 8 clicks, passive credits generation.okI wholeheartedly recommend and endorse 8Hits for real targeted traffic and commissions.




                                                 AD BOARD Z

                 Your Site -your earnings    4 different types ad  - 

                            Easily advertise all of your links and banners
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                 Commissions immediately automatic on PP or CoinPayments

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I wish all internet enthusiasts for 2021 a lot of success and for other people of our beautiful planet 
solid health and love in peace !


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