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Bitcoins earning and advertising – only for honest people
Take 10 minutes - a very simple, effective advertising concept


nice to meet you. When you receive this message, you are close to someone who likes you and your success. Really!



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Please focus on editing so that nothing slips! Play fair :)

Do you want to make your website better known? But you just don't get any visitors to your website? Everyone knows that a website without visitors is useless. It can really be switched off. Furthermore, you also face the challenge of using only small funds to publicize your own internet presence.

It took a long time, I searched a lot, spent huge sums and spent years of research, and then by chance – yes, by the notorious coincidence – to develop this total easy concept. First: It's legal, because everyone gets a lot for his own bitcoins. Yes you heard right - it's about advertising and bitcoins. Cool, isn't it?

This legal concept consistes a few simple instructions that everyone can immediately implement easily. How is your own website still best known? Right, with email marketing. The old is still the best. Because you are independent of all platforms of social media marketing and search engines. With email marketing, you're advertising for eternity because no one can take it away from you anymore. A really brilliant investment. Consider the earning potential of other systems. This system is a completely different league. Here are no robots, no fake. All real people who are interested in advertising and earning bitcoins.

Ready to earn bitcoin?
Please focus on editing so that nothing slips!

Bitcoinadresslist only for honest people





















The instructions are totally simple and everyone, really everyone can follow them complied with. If not, the system will crash into each other after a short time and no one deserves anything. If everyone who participates complied with to all the rules, it is guaranteed to work. Tests have already shown this.

Think about how much you've tried, how much you've spent money, without the slightest success. The editors and initiators of this system are committed to doing everything, really everything, to make websites legally known in the Internet without much effort, and that not always just the big ones are gaining.

Everyone who participates here is guaranteed to comply with all the rules with 100%. This is extremely important, because otherwise the system will not work. The creators and initiators of this system are 100% convinced that it is the cheapest and easiest and fastest and therefore the best system for advertising a website.

How does a website remain remembered? What can you do if you don't have the huge sums for Google, Facebook, Twitter and so on?
Why should only the big ones get even richer? Just hang on to our simplest, cheapest and legal advertising ever. Finally, an affordable system that works and is fun!

The rules:

1. You send $5 (five dollar) in Bitcoin to the top Bitcoin address in the list. Why should I pay? Because this is the expense allowance for only for honest people, for editing the list according to the rules and enter their own address below. Cheating is not desirable. You also want to succeed in this system like your predecessors. These have done a lot of work on how to edit the lists and also want to harvest. Your success is almost certain if everyone adheres to the rules.

2. Now you delete the top Bitcoin address and move the whole list up one line. The last line No. 10 is now free.

3. At No. 10, you now enter your data. Why didn't I just write my data in line No. 1? Because then after a short time your data will be deleted again. So be sure to sign up for No.10. Pay attention to a valid Bitcoin address.

4. Then you do the same with the advertising list. You delete the top webaddress and move the whole list up one line. Pay attention to the correct spelling of your web address so that everyone can find your website. Consider: What you read and edit also remains in memory. Best conditions for successful advertising.

5. Now you send the new message with the new lists individually, not as a collector or as spam to at least 10 other people who also want to make a website better known. Don't bother anyone with emails. That is forbidden and the initiators of this system are explicitly against spam! Send this message to interested parties for advertising, friends and webmaster! NO SPAM!

6. Make sure that you can read this message sensibly, especially the lists above, that not everything is moved into each other and the Bitcoin addresses are not changed. You have to concentrate and it takes some time. Whoever participates wants to be rewarded for his effort. And it would be a pity if the bitcoins disappear in the middle of nowhere. If cheating is done, then this action is quickly over. If everyone complied with 100% to the rules, it will get a brilliant spread and lead to gigantic awareness of your website.

How much you have already paid for ineffective advertising. Here you pay a ridiculous sum and send completely legal 10 emails to interested counterparts. Finished.

And what happens if I don't send bitcoin? Answer: The system will not work.

If you don't care about all this: Thank you for the attention! Nothing happened to anyone. But admit it: Your interest was awakened. We're sorry you can't win, but that can happen. All the best for you! Please delete this email.But if we have aroused your interest: Follow the above rules strictly! How many bitcoin will arrive at you? Test it. It makes a huge fun. Advertising and Bitcoin earning! Please do not change anything. It is a proven system and that you have received this message speaks for the success. Your website becomes completely legal and at a minimum effort of you in a hurry. A maximum speed for your business. Are you also tired of only the vendor earning and systems not paying out? With our system, each participant has his own success in his own hands. If he is honest. Do you know a better system? Do you have a similarly good idea? Then use it immediately. But that's why our system is still top. Because it works. Because it's legal. Just the fact that it has reached you shows what movement is in the advertising market and what someone has put on his feet with some commitment. Take your chance!

We see us in the WWW and we wish you have a lot of fun and success








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