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Collaborative Advertising

Collaborative Advertising

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Last Updated: January 5, 2021

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FJ World Inc


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Date Blog Entries

July 29, 2020


Hello everyone,


Wishing you all a great day. I am FJ and I invite you to participate in an online journey using tools and technology designed to grow an online income. ePayTraffic services are rooted in a unique implementation of a manual traffic exchange script. The underlying code for ePayTraffic is lisensed from the most popular manual traffic exchange script in the world. It is called LFMTE and since my company is a licensed reseller, I invite you to join me at The Traffic Exchange Srcipt.  Doing so means we will be working together for a mutual benefit. In addition to selling you an unlimited lifetime license for your own online business I can provide hosting, domain name registration, script installation, customization, advertising and much much more. Now, I invite you to follow my blog entries on this profile page. I am a member of over 100 traffic exchange sites, so I have to be effective before I get efficient to get the most return from my time and money. It is my hope that these blog entries will act as a guide for members of ePayTraffic as we go forward in our journey for a profitable future. Using this Hungry for Hit (H4H) profile page to promote ePayTraffic services across many traffic exchange is a great way to leverage time and improve productivity. Please join me on H4H and contact me if you need help with your H4H page creator. Not a member of H4H? Click on this page header to join using my referral link and I will give you a 1 week Surfing Game Service 101 upgrade on ePayTraffic. Plus I will provide more offers based on your activity and willingness to work together. If you already have a H4H account you still have an option to work together. You can delete your account and rejoin using my H4H referral link OR it may be possible to change your existing upline. This would need the support of H4H admin so please let me know your wish and I will help make it happen. 


When you join sites/programs via ePayTraffic and you work with FJ you earn points that help you build your team, earn advertising credits, earn rewards that can be converted to cash and much more. Be part of a rewarding journey where you Learn Before You Earn.

July 30, 2020 Another great day to be alive. Whoo! Hoo! As you can see I have created the first blog entry, Introduction and I have provided a short list of future topics. I have tested the social blog plugin feature here on H4H, also available on many TE sites and it does not work well for me. So that is why I have decided to use my profile page as a blog. You can do the same. Today and for the next 4 days, my wife and I will be taking some rest time at our cottage. I will have access to the internet to do some clicking and to provide support but I will not be doing development work. Have a great weekend. I look forward to more positive changes next week. Take care for now.
August 31, 2020 Oh my it has been a crazy month. A lot of my time has been focused on offline activities and unfortunately that has hurt my online activities. I had to address a health issue and now I feel much better about getting back on track. During the next week I will be evaluating a number of activities to make sure I am better organized and working on the most important task that will provide the best returm for time and money. Once completed this will lead to improvements to ePayTraffic. I made the mistake of allowing scope creep which negatively impacted our journey. Wishing you all the best and please do not do what I did by losing focus and allowing yourself to get overwhelmed by work. Another lesson learned indeed. Thank you to all members and friends that are loyal and trusting of the services I provide. I am energized and confident that good things are coming.
September 3, 2020

Hello everyone. Wishing you all a great day. Please be advised I have added a new condition to the daily top surfer award.

4. Effective September 3, 2020 Free members must have an MQS score greater than 1,000 to receive the $1.00 award for top daily surfer.

September 25, 2020

Today I made some changes to the main page of our trading system. The Member Sites feature provides free advertising to the public for members that have an active campaign on ePayTraffic. An active campaign has credits assigned and is circulating in our surfing page. The free bonus is that your campaign is also advertised to the public, not just logged in members and it does not consume any advertising credits.. Also added for public viewing is a list of partner sites in The Food Game. Follow the link below.

September 27, 2020 Collaborative Advertising service is improving at ePayTraffic. 
November 6, 2020

Hello Members,

Thank you all for being active on ePayTraffic. I know I have been doing a lot of clicking as part of a stress testing exercise.

This exercise allows me to take a close look at your surf logs and confirm that all is as expected. As it turns out I have to suspend some accounts. In addition to suspending some accounts I will be making changes to our advertising service so advertisers are no longer negatively impacted from unwanted behaviour of some members.

I am still working on an upcoming update. Wishing you all the best.



FJ World Inc

December 7, 2020 Today a mass payment was sent to members to buyback some units. 
January 5, 2021 Reorganizing some advertising and marketing strategies for 2021
Future Topics
  1. Introduction
  2. Trading System
  3. Member Quality Scorecard (MQS) 
  4. Revenue Sharing Program
  5. Paid For Performance
  6. Collaborative Advertising
  7. Team Building


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