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Hello, my name is Jacques (Jack, FJ) and below you will see a timeline of some of the things that keep me busy. You can reach me at ePayTraffic Chat


January 12, 2022


Hello everyone,


Today I am releasing a new feature on ePayTraffic

I have created a bonus page for free members to earn an 8 second surf upgrade.
All free members start with a 15 second surf timer and a 1:1 credit ratio. I have been running a PromoSlice  offer so free members could earn an 8 second surf upgrade for 7 days.
Now these free upgrades can be earned without PromoSlice. Visit ePayTraffic to get more familiar with a unique implentation of a manual traffic exchange script.


How it works.

You surf on the site until you see a claim page. You click the claim button and it will add a day to your 8 second surf upgrade count.
The more you surf the more claimed days you can add to your 8 second surf upgrade count.
During this version release and testing period, I have created two bonus pages to help you accumulate upgrade days.
One bonus claim comes up every 100 pages and one comes up at page 555. The PromoSlice 555 offer with be removed.
Once the testing period is over there will only be one claim for page 555.
The bonus page is only visible to free members but I plan on creating new bonus pages for other membership types.




If and when you get more familiar with our unique traffic exchange site, you will learn that we are into trading more than just traffic. Visit the Trading System section of the site to learn more. For now, know that you must be logged into your surfing account as well as your trading account and that access must be set to active to be able to claim these upgrade days. If you look at your trading account dashboard and you will see the new Upgrade Panel. Your account must be a Free Membership Type to be able to apply these earned upgrade days.


In time I will be adding more options, like being able to apply multiple days at once. Also, I plan on doing something similar for other membership types.


It is up to the member to activate their trading account. Follow the direction provided on your dashboard.

I welcome all feedback and I will update you once I complete some more improvements.


"Learn Before You Earn" - fjQuotes

Enjoy your Hump Day!


Snow Removal January 7 2022

Happy New Year


Don't forget about your New Year Resolution.


Strive to be in the minority of people who keep their New Year’s resolutions. But know even if you don’t keep every one, the act of making them and striving toward them will have positive effects for you and for others.


The value is in the process and not just the destination. FJ January 1, 2022



Snow Removal December 29, 2021



Every Saturday, free members can complete the 555 PromoSlice offer at ePayTraffic to earn

a 7 day upgrade that reduces their surfing timer by 46%

From 15 second to 8 second.  


FJ World Inc


Relationship building based on honesty and trust.



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