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Mike Cosma

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Hey this is Mike Cosma (or Muball Mike on YouTube)

and I Love to surf Traffic Exchanges!

I also use text ad exchanges (TAE's), Safelists/Mailers, Ad Boards and more.

I have a couple of my own sites: Anixas -

Mudball Records - (experimental music)

Feel free to drop by !

My main Internet Business is with Rock the Biz Ops!

                 Let's Rock

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Or to get started right now join me in the two programs listed here

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*Message me any questions. Helping you R0CK is my business...


BIO: Computer Technician, Internet Marketing, Digital Artist and Experimental Musician.
Website Owner at and

My youtube video channel and the anixas website both focus on free and inexpensive advertising.

Video Channel: Mudball Mike:

Mudball Records is a collection of the expermental sounds and collaborations.

The main internet marketing focus is with the Rock The Biz Ops Team and the
programs and systems found inside.

Simple "right things" daily...


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My Free Ad Page

Hungry For Hits is a most awesome Traffic Exchange - so many things available - this is great!!

Yes I am an affiliate of the programs listed on this page and may earn credits or compensation if you join any of them through my personal links.

Thank you for your support!


Bonus: Here is a site I use every day to mail at tons of sites all at once: Referral Frenzy

This saves me a ton of time!

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