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Sending a Support ticket
Please note that your question will not be read if you reply directly to admin emails, as it is an unmonitored email account.   &
Read before posting a ticket: Hungry For Hits Help
 All site information and instructions how to do and participate in thedifferent things in Hungry For Hits is posted on
Add or change payment details
If you didn't add your payment details when you signed up, or if you want to change it, you must send a support ticket to update it. Once you add the information, it will stay, so you only have t...
Can't log in
If you can't log in and there is no error message, then either your username or password is wrong. Please keep in mind the password is case sensitive, and there can't be any spaces in, before or after...
Pay with Paypal
If you want to pay with Paypal or TransferWise, include in your ticket which upgrade you want to buy and for how many months. You get a discount if you buy 3 or more months.

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