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  • Jun 18th 2020 at 12:28 PM
    Daily Straight Line Has Launched

    Its 20 levels of 2x1 matrices are all company forced.
    But in order to enter the next level, you must have certain sponsor requirements.
    For example, i may cycle level 1, but if I don't have at least 1 upgraded pro member, it won't enter level 2

    So even though it is company forced, only the people referring are going to move up the ladder
    One time fee of $3 gets you 20 days worth of subscription.
    Each day your subscription renews, you get a new position into level 1 helping push others through the levels.

    3 Tier Referral Bonuses paid upon purchase of a subscription
    $0.50 for level 1
    $0.30 for level 2
    $0.20 for level 3

    Easy to use PIF and Global PIF system.Purchase other referrals after members are free for 3 days.
    Earn over $20k throughout the 20 levels.

    Click the link below to get started:


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  • WE Share Abundance is a community with a mission. True, our members seek to improve their own financial worth as do members of all communities throughout the world, but they do so in keeping with our mission and through the “Power Of One”.
    Our mission is to build a community of like minded people who seek more than just material gains. A community built around service to others, and in doing so create a sustainable income plan helping all members find hope and extra income through making the WESA Token a valuable asset. Abundance of Peace, Hope, Harmony, Health, Wealth, Happiness and Love are our goals and are the birthright of all people everywhere.
    Through creating abundance within our community we will also generate additional income to be used for charitable work focused on curing the causes of suffering rather than treating the symptoms.
    Some of our initial charitable goals will include…
    Taking orphans to Disneyland to foster hope and love in their hearts.
    Bringing pure water to those who have thirst
    Creating agriculture where there is famine
    Planting trees as a part of the agriculture to help our planet
    Financing schools to teach life skill not just academics

    YOU are invited to join us; all are welcome here and all are welcomed with love.


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  • Jun 3rd 2020 at 11:53 PM
    My Bitcoin Daily Is EXPLODING!!

    Wanted to let you know MyBitcoinDaily has launched and is an
    awesome plan.


    MBD has taken the power of CryptoPros and CryptosBuilder
    and turned it into daily subscription plan.

    Cost is just 0.0009344 BTC and this one time fee gives you
    a daily subscription for 1 FULL YEAR.

    MBD has been built for the LONG TERM and can earn you 0.5 BTC
    over and over again.

    Earn 100% matching bonus from all your referrals 2x20 matrix.
    HUGE PIF and Global PIF opportunities.

    Hurry and signup today.

    Get your FREE position and fund your account for purchases now.

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  • Jun 2nd 2020 at 5:46 PM

    My Eth Daily has launched and it combines the greatest
    plans in the mlm industry.

    MED has combined the daily subscription model, the 2 up model
    and the stair step matrix and put them all into one easy to follow

    Cost to join is just 0.045 ETH
    This gives you 1 subscription for 150 days.
    Upon paying your subscription, you enter a 3x10 forced matrix
    under your sponsor. Each day when your sub renews, you follow
    your top spot for maximum growth potential.

    The 2 Up will be a game changer for earning from your downline.
    Your first two upgraded referrals commission will passup to your sponsor.
    Every direct referral after your 2nd to infinity you will earn a coded
    referral bonus. You then earn from all of your referrals 1st two sales to infinity
    This will create huge daily incomes for many members.

    Lastly, we have the stair step 2x6 Matrix.
    Each time you fill up the first level of a 3x10 matrix, remember you get one everyday
    for 150 days as an upgraded member, you will enter into Level 1 of the stair step matrix
    which is a 2x2. This again is follow your sponsor on the first position.
    Once you complete the 2x2, you enter a 2x3.
    Once you complete the 2x3, you enter a 2x4.
    Once you complete the 2x3, you enter a 2x5.
    Lastly, once you complete the 2x5, you enter a 2x6.

    This may sound like a lot, but all you do is
    1. Join Here
    2. You receive your first position for FREE when you join.
    3. Upgrade your membership for just 0.045 ETH
    4. Recruit a few members under you, we recommend at least 3.

    And watch the system do its work.
    So what are you waiting for, get started today.


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  • Infinite-Funds PTC is a Paid to Click Advertising Platform that shares growth profits with members from clicks and also using a Structured Level Share Program.


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  • May 29th 2020 at 12:26 AM
    It's 2020 EVERYONE Needs One Of These!!

    Do YOU have a Crypto Currency Wallet? If NOT I suggest you get one ASAP. Click on the link below to receive your FREE Crypto wallet.

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  • May 27th 2020 at 4:44 AM
    Withdrawing 15% per Day is AMAZING!


    Assuming that you have been wasting time,
    looking for a business opportunity where you
    can make reliable, significant money, be HAPPY
    that you have found Crypto 300 Club!

    Because once you have tried our new system, you
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    when you make a LOT of money FAST!

    It's AMAZING, making 10% - 50% Daily!

    Try it!
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    Everyone who buys new Premium Packs can earn
    and withdraw...

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    (half on weekends)

    This new rate will help keep this amazing system
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    Too hard for you to believe???

    Then just try it!

    Spend $10 - receive $15 in 11 days!!
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    Compare us to any other money-making system,
    because we are...


    First the Premium System:
    - Up to 50% per day Earnings - it really works!

    - 1% per day Earnings if that doesn't work for you,
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    STILL a LOT of money to earn each day!!!

    or the Crypto Pack System:

    - .5% per day Earnings, for a lifetime!

    - Backed up by Cryptocurrency Trading!

    What do you have to lose? Nothing!!

    So what are you waiting for???

    Click here to get started >> https://www.crypto300club.com/?r=r5emrpkq73vqh3&p=mma

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  • What if there was a Company
    that provided the following:

    100 per cent Success
    100 per cent Hands F R E E
    ALL Done For You Advertising

    The company DOES the Selling
    The Company DOES the S a l e s Presentation
    ALL Done For You...while You make up to $350,000
    ALL you have to do...is REGISTER.

    Would you want more info?

    If so...
    Listen to this 3 Minute Video
    And this 8 Minute Video

    After listening...
    Get Started Today...
    More than 91,000 already Registered

    Got Questions...Just Ask

    To Your Success,

    Michael M. Russell



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