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  • This is Marty Petrizza's newest site that is bringing together the best OLD ideas and some GREAT NEW IDEAS, and the best REWARDS EVER!!

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    it comes to generating lots of traffic, we
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    This is a powerful tool that is social media
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    Hits and List Cafe offers:

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  • Sep 11th 2023 at 2:57 AM
    Viral Traffic Games

    Hi Folks!
    I like playing Viral Traffic Games. It is fun way to boost your Advertising and get referrals.
    Every week you Win Cash Prizes and Extra Adveritising by Playing Games across Traffic Exchanges and Viral Mailers
    While Surfing and Reading Emails.
    And yes, Upgraded Golden Member get Higher Commissions and ads. I can say that from my personal experience.
    So friends if you still not part of VTG, just join using my affiliate links. Thanks.

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  • Sep 11th 2023 at 2:40 AM
    Attractive Background Options

    Hi Folks!
    Kudos to our Admin Klara. She has made available many attractive beautiful backgound images options to choose from. I chose one with natural scenery mountains and waterfalls and my page looks a lot better. Seems to stand out and grab everyone's attention! Hopefully lol...

    You too can try out by clicking Backgrounds page under the Blog and Network menu on the member home page, and can select between a variety of images and even videos.
    Happy Blogging! :)

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  • Hello Folks!
    Today I plan to give out details of Brand new exciting and rapidly growing and pretty popular Traffic Exchange Site : SHRUTI HITS

    Owner of Shruti Hits is my fellow Indian and my dear friend Vinoth KumarK. He has done wonderful job. Website design and feel is Awesome. He has created a Great Place to Get Quality Advertising.

    On Joining Shruti Hits, you get a nice welcome bonus of 1000 website credits, 1000 Banner Imps, 1000 Text Imps.

    Plus, you get Free Website Traffic, 6 sec timer as free member, random Prize Pages, surfer rewards and top surfer and referral contests and prizes.

    Also, Shruti Hits is a Premier Partner at Food Games and has become Diamond site at Viral Traffic Games too. Also, since site is brand new with just about 800 members ( at time of posting this blog) so hurry up and join the bandwagon now! :)

    Here is my Affiliate/Referral Link:

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  • Sep 11th 2021 at 5:06 AM
    Join me and Play in this fun Food Game

    Hi Folks!

    Did you see The Food Game yet? It is a great game you can play while surfing some of the best traffic exchanges! A total or 279 traffic exchanges already offer the Food Game on their sites.

    In this game you are a chef and you can collect ingredients, learn recipes and cook dishes. You can level up and make better dishes and more difficult recipes, in order to earn more points.

    The best chefs of the week wins prizes. On top of that, you can easily advertise in all the participating sites, and also build downlines in all of them!

    Come on over to The Food Game and get started on your journey to becoming a master chef! As a Top 10 Legendary Chef I can its fun Game. Collecting Prizes, Tickets Ingredients.

    You also get to advertise your business for free!

    Except for the traffic you generate by playing this game, you can also build downlines in several of the best traffic exchanges. You can advertise in all the participating sites, and they have an affiliate program where you can earn money.

    I hope you will join me in The Food Game!

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  • Aug 31st 2021 at 11:24 AM
    Fast n Furious Traffic Program

    Steve Smith, the proud owner of FastnFurious Traffic started this truly wonderful and reliable traffic exchange site to help members like us.
    Steve also offers personal assistance to anyone who would like to earn a living online. He is a great mentor I can vouch for that.
    So Join Fast n Furious Traffic to Brand your Business, to Build Your Brand, to boost brand and recognition.
    FnF is a very popular TE with loads of active members. Tool that helps get you best quality traffic, real visitors for your programs and boost your marketing efforts.
    I can say that from my personal experience. You can win cash prizes for surfing, team surfing and other contests on the site.
    In addition 3 steps to success and downline builder can help you build one additional source of income.
    So Join Now:

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  • Apr 2nd 2021 at 6:33 AM
    Josh Hits - Awesome New Site

    Hello Everyone,
    I have some Good News.
    A Brand New TE site made by Avid Surfers Shail (owner) and Shobhender ( designer) has just been launched on 2nd April 2021. I am proud of my fellow Indians efforts.

    This Manual Traffic Exchange brings out the best fusion between Enthusiastic Surfing and Effective Advertising.

    Also once you fully activate your accounts at Josh Hits, you get $1 and 1000 CBT as SignUp Bonus.

    Whats more, the site is Premium Partner at Food Games. So Join the Rush and Win Prizes by Suring Big.

    Added Bonus, the site has 2 second timer for whole month. Yes thats True! So join me at Josh Hits.

    Here is my referral Link:

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