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Surf-Dance to music I like to boogie while I surf, 60's thru 90's rock, AeroSmith, Billy Idol, RollingStones, Rags and Bones Man,
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    Shake your booty with K.C. and the Sunshine Band and get down tonight.
    I miss having Paypal at all of the exchanges and wish they would just consider having funds go through eBay buy and sell from eBay instead of direct online. That may keep from breaking the PP terms of service.
    What do you think? ❤️

    Sell an ebook (text file) on HOW TO UPGRADE TO GOLD Pt.1
    HOW TO advertise with 10,000 banners


    I have been selling excess ad credits on eBay for years and it works quite well especially where you can transfer credits to other users. If not you can assign them through your own account. But, where you can transfer them, you also get the bonus of a direct sign up referral. Sometimes auctions for a 1,000 credits go over $10-$15.00 dollars and sometimes only 10 cents, but it is still a win in many ways. In essence you become a middleman or broker reselling your earned ad credits.

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