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  • Jul 31st 2023 at 5:28 AM
    My experience with Heedyou so far

    I have signed up lots of sites and invested money to promote my favorite programes for the past 10 years.

    Heedyou is the site that impressed me the most. At first, I just think heedyou is a normal online earning site. When I set a DELIGHT ads, I found that almost all my leadsleap followers are gained from heedyou in less than two months. It is great !

    HeedYou has a very special and interseting way to show your ads to its members. There are four types of ads you can choose.


    Most ptc sites only set different timers to show ads to others, no interaction with surfers, people just click ads and wait to earn. But DELIGHT ads has advanced tools for unusual cases, it takes visitors on a long, interesting journey. You can set 6 links in one ads, target visitors by country, age, gender. You can also make a survey in your ads, to investigate what visitors are thinking about your ads and their opinions on something you are interested in. When surf come to the end´╝îvisitors need to text some words which is included in the ads. People have to pay attention to the content of ads, to know deeply about the product you are promoting.

    It is really useful to increase your leads.

    What I Like

    1. 4 types ads to choose.

    2. For every ads you buy, you get 1000 - 5000 view points to promote your ads for free in 24/7 Ad Rotation.

    3. Support quickiy and friendly.

    What I Dislike


    Final Verdict

    HeedYou has great traffic and advanced tools for you to set wonderful ads to promote your products and affiliate programes, increase your leads and sales.

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My experience with Heedyou so far
Jul 31st 2023 at 5:28 AM
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