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  • Jan 15th 2020 at 10:21 AM
    Elite Action Team

    The AIOP Elite Action Team is so much more than just another team build for All In One Profits.

    We know that each and every one of you is probably bombarded with ads all over the internet promoting one of the many AIOP team builds that have been put together.

    That is why we pride ourselves on being different. On having a long term systematic plan to ensure the success of every income opportunity seeker that joins our team.

    Here is how it works:

    Our team name actually says it all and our team system is made up of 3 core concepts,

    Elite… Action… Team…

    But just for fun, we reverse that and here is how it works:



    The Elite Action Team for AIOP has been specifically created for people who are serious about building a business online and working toward their financial freedom.

    We don’t accept just anyone on to our team to work with us.

    This is because we work hard for you and we work with you to provide one on one coaching and support to ensure the long term success of every series marketer who takes action and joins our team.

    Teamwork is crucial in network marketing and every member who joins our team is required to work with us as a team.

    Every new member who joins our team is placed in to our team rotator via which each member of our team will, over time, receive 4 direct referrals to their AIOP account. Why 4? Because 4 direct referrals is achievable and profitable. Please refer to our team comp plan for more details on why we provide all members with 4 direct referrals via our team rotator.

    To remain in our rotator, all team members must send 500 views per week to our team capture page.

    For a refresh on exactly how our team rotator works please click here: Team Rotator

    Action – Available From The 4th August 2019

    Team builds are not a new concept for network marketing and have been around since the late 1990’s and early 2000’s predominantly used to build an income with programs such as Traffic Wave or Global Domains International.


    More recently, AIOP has taken over as the program of choice for team builds and there are lots of team builds all competing against each other to get the attention of online marketers and out grow and out earn the rest.

    Team rotators work.

    But a team rotator on it’s own will eventually get too big, meaning the newer team members are forced to wait before they see any benefit from the team rotator system.

    This is one of the reasons we have designed our 3 tiered team system to not only allow members the freedom and choice in how they build their business but also to literally force our members to be successful regardless of how large and cumbersome our team rotators may become.


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Elite Action Team
Jan 15th 2020 at 10:21 AM
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