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  • Jul 4th 2019 at 5:23 AM
    Free advertising and branding!

    Create anything you want!
    Did you check out the Page Creator? It's the best place for you to brand yourself as well as promote something. This is mine:


    You can write about yourself, what you promote, or something else. Tell a joke, show some pictures. If you are in the chat, everyone who clicks your name will see your profile page. You can also advertise the page in surf to get more people to see it, and you can advertise it in other places. The header and banner has your referral URL, so you can get referrals both for Hungry and for whatever you promote.

    Branding is really important. People are more likely to sign up under someone they recognize, or a name that is familiar. And once they've seen you a few times, you are familiar. You can also add links to social media on the page, they will appear below your Gravatar if you fill in your usernames on the Page Creator.

    Social media and site link advertised for free
    Social media links, as well as any site you want and your Social network and blog, is also automatically displayed in the top surfbar if you fill in your Surfbar Social Links. Not everyone wants to have them on a page where they promote something, so this is separate from the Page Creator.

    When you click someone's photo in the top surfbar whenever their website displays, you are taken to their site of choice. When you click their name or username, you are taken to their blog page (like this one). All links, both the site links and social media links, open in new windows. This is an example of what it looks like if you fill in some social media links. It's just a picture of it, not the real thing, so it's not clickable:
    social links in the top surfbar at Hungry For Hits

    To fill in your information, go to the Surfbar Social Links page under the Account menu. Even if you don't want to share any social media links, you will be losing out on free advertising by not adding a site to the Blog/Site field.

    Go grab the free advertising and branding on the Page Creator and Surfbar Social Links!

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