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  • When hiking in the desert, it's important to bring the right gear to cope with the region's extreme conditions. Choose lightweight, breathable clothing and layers to cope with temperature changes. Choose UV-resistant clothing, lightweight pants that double as shorts, long-sleeved technical T-shirts and windproof jackets with plenty of pockets.
    Bring a scarf to protect you from the wind and sand.
    Bring a warm, windproof jacket, comfortable pants, a sweater, thick socks, a hat and gloves to combat the cold at night. Choose lightweight, tried-and-tested hiking boots to avoid blisters. Make sure your feet can breathe and are adapted to the different desert terrains. Choose a durable canvas tote bag, sunglasses, a light veil to protect your neck and UV-protective gloves for your hands. Please bring a full face mask and insect repellent if necessary in case of a sandstorm. For a successful desert trek, it's important to choose clothing suited to extreme weather conditions, bring comfortable footwear and complete equipment to ensure comfort and safety during the adventure.

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