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  • Jun 27th 2020 at 11:48 AM
    Are You Building Your Brand?

    Are You Building Your Brand?

    People buy from those they know, like and trust. Successful marketers know that very well and, accordingly, the thrust of their marketing efforts is to build relationships. How else will people get to know you if you're not building relationships? A key marketing tool is a system that will allow you to engage people and then follow up with them. Email marketing is an effective way to follow up with prospects and customers.

    But how do you get people to know you in the first place? The answer is simple. You must take steps to build your brand. One of the things for those of you who are new to internet marketing is that you must have a good, recent photo attached to your social profiles and postings. Doing so helps people recognize you! Alternatively, if you market through a company, you must have a logo that is eye-catching so that, through continuous exposure, people begin to recognize the logo and associate that logo with your brand. One only has to think about the 'golden arches' or the Coke or Pepsi logos to understand the importance of a well-recognized logo.

    Once again, for those of you who are new to internet marketing, building a brand is not something that happens overnight. This process takes some time, and yes, some patience. But if you are consistent, soon people will begin to recognize you or your logo. And, by the way, speaking of consistency, that is a very important thing to keep in mind. People need to see that you are active out there in cyberspace. You need to keep your image out there in front of people on a consistent basis. Your message also needs to show some consistentcy. Consistency helps build buyer recognition and familiarity.

    So, especially for those of you who are members of affiliate programs, you have realized very quickly that affiliate marketing is intensely competitive. If you're not building your brand your ad is just another faceless, nameless image out there on the net. If you are not building your brand, your marketing efforts are building the business of someone else!

    So, if you have not been building your brand, now is a good time to start! Make sure to provide value. After all, we rise by lifting others.

    Start building your brand. Success will ultimately come to those of you who do!

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