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  • Feb 26th 2022 at 5:43 PM
    The Cosmic Power Within

    The title to this post is based on a book
    written by the late Dr. Joseph Murphy.
    Dr. Murphy used to teach at the Beverly
    Ebell Theatre in Los Angeles for many years.
    Dr. Murhpy taught that there is a cosmic
    power within each one of us which, when
    tapped into, can turn sickness into health,
    create joy where sadness is, prosperity
    where poverty is, peace where chaos is,
    success where failure is.

    To access this cosmic power, you look
    within to the infinite storehouse of peace,
    joy, health, wealth, love, beauty. On the other
    hand, when you are resentful, envious,
    angry, fearful, sad, you block
    all of life's blessings from flowing.

    The great American philosopher Ralph
    Waldo Emerson said that you are what
    you think about all day long. So, what
    thought patterns are you entertaining?
    As stated above, if your thought patterns
    entertain fear, envy, anxiety, anger, you
    will attract those things into your
    experience. Replace those low vibration
    thoughts with affirmations that will attract
    all of life's blessings into your experience.
    "I can do it", "I am blessed", "I am
    prosperous", "God's river of peace flows
    through me now and all the days of my life",
    "thanks to the universe for supporting me,
    sustaining me, helping me, assisting me,
    guiding me, prospering me".

    Pay attention to what you are thinking.
    When you find the army of the aliens
    invading your mind, immediately replace
    those thoughts of lack and limitation
    with thoughts of abundance, peace love
    and joy. If you are sincere and affirm
    positive thoughts regularly and
    systematically, you will soon find that
    your life takes on a whole new trajectory
    that is successful along all lines.

    Grant Edward Rayner B. Comm. LL.B.
    Grant Rayner Marketing Systems
    Tel: +1-519-536-9968

    p.s. You can access Dr. Joseph Murphy's audiobook teachings on YouTube. In my opinion, he is one of the best 'truth teachers' who ever lived. Have a look. You won't be sorry.

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