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Green Road, New Brunswick, Canada
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Personal development; health & wellness; metaphysics/law of attraction.

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  • Mar 29th 2022 at 12:38 PM
    The Feeling is the Key

    Success does not just flow from the power of positive thinking as many used to preach. The key is the feeling
    that is generated by those positive thoughts.
    When you think a thought, that thought
    generates a feeling. For example, when
    you think about that ornery neighbor who
    has a dog that barks constantly, you might
    feel the negative feeling of anger.
    Correspondingly, when you think about your partner or your children, you will generate good feelings.

    Esther Hicks (Abraham Hicks) teaches us
    that we should always strive to feel good
    because it is that good feeling that will
    attract life's blessings to you. Neville
    Goddard as well taught that the 'feeling
    is the key' meaning, as Esther Hicks teaches,
    that it is the good feeling that you feel when
    you are thinking about good things that
    attracts to you the good things in life.

    What do you think about all day long? Do
    your best to think thoughts that make you
    feel good. This will take some practice but,
    if you persist, you will find, as I stated in my
    previous post, that your life will take on a
    whole new trajectory.

    Watch for my next post where I will explain
    why this is. A hint is that the cosmic power
    within each and every one of us, quite simply
    stated, cannot fail.


    p.s. You can find Abraham Hicks and Neville Goddard audiobooks on YouTube.

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