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Green Road, New Brunswick, Canada
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Personal development; health & wellness; metaphysics/law of attraction.

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  • Mar 30th 2022 at 11:24 AM

    We all know the phrase 'the money is in the
    list'. Ever asked yourself why that is? Well the
    answer is very simple really. If you are just
    putting your website out there, or a banner
    or text ad, viewers come along and take a
    look but, if they don't make the decision to
    buy from you right there and then, in that
    case they just move along and you have
    lost that potential prospect forever.

    Email Marketing

    Well what if you could stay in touch with that
    person...forever? Well you can! How? With
    a capture page and an email follow-up series!
    See if a person is just curious about your
    offer, they will fill in their name and email
    or maybe just their email address on your
    lead capture page. And just like in the
    earlier example, that person may not make
    the decision to buy from you or join you
    in your business right there and then, but with
    your email follow up series that is sent to them automatically, you can promote
    your offer to that person over and over again
    up to infinity!

    Email Marketing

    In this way, you can send your offer, or other offers, to that prospect over and over. I think you can
    easily see that your chances of attracting
    that person to your business goes up immensely.
    And, as that person is exposed to your
    email follow-up messages, you have more
    and more chances to show that person
    that you are a person worthy of doing
    business with. In other words, a relationship
    develops between you and your prospect.

    We know that people buy from those they
    know, like and trust. That is why I titled this
    post in the way that I did. Marketing anything
    is about building relationships! Think of it this
    way, if you wanted to renovate your kitchen,
    you would hire a contractor that you know,
    like and trust. If you didn't know a contractor,
    you would ask someone who you know, like
    and trust to recommend someone to you.

    In my marketing, I have email follow-up series
    that are 50 letters long! And I can share
    that email follow-up series with my team!
    In this way, we all prosper much more than
    if we're just posting our links for visitors to
    see one time only.

    So, dear reader, if you haven't already, make
    sure you add an autoresponder to your
    marketing tool kit. Personally, I use Traffic
    Wave. Take a look. Test drive the platform
    for free. You will never look back I promise


    Email Marketing

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