Grant Rayner
Green Road, New Brunswick, Canada
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Personal development; health & wellness; metaphysics/law of attraction.

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  • Apr 17th 2022 at 9:56 AM
    HFH Explosion

    I have a question for you that will, potentially,
    make a huge difference in the way you
    promote HFH. Here it is. How would you like
    to post your HFH splash page link once...and
    have it seen an unlimited number of times...
    without you doing anything else? As a matter
    of fact, how would you like to promote your
    primary business AND your link to HFH and
    have that link seen an unlimited number of
    times? Fantasy? No. Not at all.

    That is precisely what an autoresponder can
    do for you. Here's what I mean. Do you
    promote the link for your HFH splash page
    on a traffic exchange? Of course. Many of us
    do. I did that myself for a long time. But not

    The Dog Solution

    What I do now is this. I post a link to a lead
    capture page. Once a person opts in, they
    go to a page of my choosing. That is usually
    the sales page to my primary business. Now
    it is highly unlikely that the person will join
    my business right away. Why is that?

    Did you know that people, on average, need
    to be exposed to your offer seven times before
    they make the decision to take you up on
    your offer? That is to say, they need to see
    your offer, on average, seven times before
    they make the decision to buy from you or
    join you in your business. You see, people do
    business with people they know, like and
    trust. So the question then becomes, how
    can people get to know you, like you and
    trust you if they see your ad once and then
    move along? The obvious answer is that they
    cannot get to know you, like you or trust you
    if all you are doing is posting your link, just
    like many thousands of others, only to have
    that person look at your ad and then move
    along. This is the reason why so many people
    never succeed online.

    When a person opts in to my lead capture
    page (LCP), they will then go to my primary
    business sales page BUT the very next day
    they will receive an email from me. Accordingly,
    I have ANOTHER chance to let them see my
    offer! In that email, I can include my
    HFH banner. Perhaps that person might
    still not be interested in joining me in my
    primary business and that person might
    not join me at HFH. BUT, the very next
    day that person gets another
    email from me where I ONCE AGAIN, get to
    show that person my offer AND that person
    will YET AGAIN, see one of my HFH banners.
    This happens over and over and over again.
    Can you see how an email series dramatically
    improves my chances of having that person
    join me in my primary business and, as well,
    dramatically improves my chances of having
    that person join me here at HFH? Remember
    that all of this happens after I have posted
    my link one time only!

    Now, I'm not trying to sell you anything here.
    What I AM asking you to do, is take a look
    for yourself at what I am suggesting here.
    Below you will see the link to a LCP that I use
    to promote, not only my primary business,
    but HFH as well. Over the coming days,
    you will see what I mean. You will receive
    from me a series of emails. In those emails
    you will see my HFH banner, and the banners
    to other traffic sources that I use.

    If you do this, you will see, with your very own
    eyes, exactly what I mean. What you do with
    that knowledge is, of course, completely
    up to you. Potentially, however, you might
    just join me in business! Here's the link.
    Just copy and paste
    into your address bar.

    Oh and by the way, if you like what you see,
    you may decide that you want the share code
    to the entire email series that I use. This is
    how I put my marketing on autopilot. And,
    who knows, you might decide to put
    your marketing on autopilot as well.
    See for yourself.

    Enjoy a blessed Easter Sunday.
    Grant Rayner
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