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Candy shop

The Candy shop is where we sell limited items with a discount. You can only use Piggy Bank funds to purchase these items. You can win Piggy Bank cash in games, but you can also make a deposit to fund it. The items sold at a discount in the Candy Shop are only available for a limited time and may sell out quickly. One item is added at the top of each hour, and it lasts for 24 hours or until it is sold out, whichever happens first.

You can click any of the columns in the Candy shop to sort the items. The items sold are credits and impressions of the other ad types, as well as Happy Hour packs. Upgraded members get an additional 10% discount on the already reduced price of the limited items.

At the end of the Candy shop page, we also sell single month upgrades without a subscription. These upgrades are only visible to you if you are already a free member.

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