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  • Oct 30th 2022 at 9:54 PM
    Do you love Crypto

    A little miner that works in the back ground of your Computor.
    This App will mine any Crypto for you totally hands free and will pay out to your address, Auto-matically when it mines 15,000 Satoshie, which normally takes 4 or 5 days.

    Super easy, no adds, no clicking.

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  • Advertising is the top ingredient in this business and I just found a Super advertiseing site.

    AdStaker is the new way to earn big rewards simply viewing only 10 ads per day. Each day you view a minimum of 10 ads you will earn our maximum Daily Staking Reward which will be a percentage of the total amount you have staked.
    Staking rewards are variable and we hope to offer 1% to 5% per day on average for as long as possible.

    Your full page ads are viewed for a minimum of 20 seconds by real people who have purchased and staked AdStaker Tokens. Cheat-Proof Ad Platform: Your ads will never be clicked on by bots or other cheating methods, it’s virtually impossible.

    Only real members will watch your full-page ads. Furthermore, our ad platform doesn’t allow viewers to navigate away while your ad is running. If they do, the countdown clock stops.
    The Set-Up might be a little tricky, but if you need help eMail me.

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  • Oct 9th 2022 at 9:37 PM
    I Can Auto Trade Crypto

    This is a Brand New Crypto Platform, that pays you to learn How Crypto works.

    The ICAN Auto Trade program is a way to learn more about the growing cryptocurrency industry and has a very special software algorithm - we call it S.T.A.N. (Start Trading Automatically Now) that clients can lease and connect to their own crypto exchange account to have our algorithms go to work making trades and grow their portfolio.

    We NEVER have access to or in any way control a clients crypto exchange account.

    With the ICAN Auto Trade Crypto Referral program, our Referral members can recommend to others that they too could enjoy the same benefits from utilizing our AI algorithms on their OWN Exchange account.

    If/when you, as a referring Member, refer someone and they become a Trading Client, you would then be paid a "referral fee" every month for so long as the person you referred into the program was a Trading Client Full Member in good standing.

    The Future is Crypto, so this is Worth your time to check it out.

  • Oct 2nd 2022 at 10:11 PM
    How to get 1 Sign-Up a Day

    Leads Leap is by far the best place to advertise you Business for free.
    Here is a copy of my Stats Page on Leadsleap and you can see it gets way more hits than any Safe-List out there.
    You can use as a free member and can post 3 links to advertise your Business.

    This is the top of my Stats page of 30 sites I use to advertise daily.

    Source Total Unique Real
    leadsleap 1584 1485 1260 58 (3.91%)

    pang 561 560 254 11 (1.96%)

    cap 484 482 273 5 (1.04%)

    adch 479 479 360 7 (1.46%)

    vmfy 279 279 188 4 (1.43%)

    adsol 188 188 145 1 (0.53%)
    You just need to click a minmum of 10 Ads a day to qualify.

    As they say, "this is a No Brainer".

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  • Oct 2nd 2022 at 8:40 PM
    How anyone can Build a solid Income

    AIOP2 Is Your All-In-One Solution To Achieve Success

    With a Simple, Realistic, Affordable and Lucrative combination of


    Build, Learn while you Earn 100% commission and UNLIMITED Residual Income

    AIOP2 is awesome here is what you get:

    1 Referral Sets you Free

    Your own website HOSTING package!
    Your own autoresponder!
    Your own splashpages.
    Your own Tracking solution
    Your own downline builder
    And a lot more....


    With a professional sponsor to guide you to success

    This Is Your Very Own Real Business!

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