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I'm an artist and lover of the Lord Jesus Christ. I love love love marketing on the internet. I follow two mentors even though I have been on here for 23 or 24 years. My blog posts here will be all about the strategies I am learning from these mentors. You can follow along and copy all I'm doing if you care to join me. I feel like I'm finished wading through a sea of business opportunities and found what works finally. Kudos to my mentors. Again, I'd love for you to join me and meet them. They are there for all downlines which blows my mind since that is normally not the way it goes. Stay tuned and check out my blog it will be full of marketing and money making strategies that will surely blow your mind. I've always thought strategies were the way to go NOW I'm sure you just need a strategy and biz opp that is here to stay. I offer both. If you take the plunge with me you'll never join another prelaunch again only to find your money gone to them and the opportunity closed. Yes it happens on here daily. Just a quick heads up. my policy is don't join prelaunches EVER. Klara thanks for the RSS feed that rocks a million!
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